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Relationships are one of the most profound, life-giving aspects of being human. But on the other side of the coin, our relationships can often leave us feeling disappointed, frustrated, and stressed. Many times, improving our relationships comes down to shifting our own perspectives and expectations. On today’s show, y

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Ed Mylett & Shawn Stevenson 21 Nov 2023 • EN

The Ultimate Guide To Nutrition w/ Shawn Stevenson

This week, we're slicing into a topic that’s as crucial as your next heartbeat: the POWER of FOOD. And who better to serve up the wisdom than SHAWN STEVENSON, a man who's turned his life around with the secrets hidden in what we eat. At 20, Shawn was staring down a LIFE SENTENCE handed down by his own body - degenerati

65 min
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Aaron Alexander & Shawn Stevenson 03 Nov 2023 • EN

Shawn Stevenson: How to Heal the Mind Through Diet | EP 468

In this episode of the Align podcast, Shawn Stevenson joins us for a discussion on the ways eating habits can affect our health outcomes. We dive deep into the dangers of TV dinners, and the benefits of communal eating, especially for children. We also cover the rise in autoimmune disorders, and the ways we can better

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James Altucher & Shawn Stevenson 02 Nov 2023 • EN

The Secrets to Healthy Aging | Shawn Stevenson

Best-selling author and host Shawn Stevenson, once a victim of a dire diagnosis of degenerative spine disease in his early twenties, faced a battle not just for mobility, but for his very life. The hidden culprit? The ultra-processed foods silently wreaking havoc on countless Americans. Shawn fervently believes that th

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Shawn Stevenson is all over the internet, social media feeds, and bestseller bookshelves with his fresh and relatable takes on family nutrition, microcultures, and attainable health and wellness tips. Today, he joins the show to spotlight his new book, the Eat Smarter Family Cookbook. We dive right into the deep end, s

82 min
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Katie Wells & Shawn Stevenson 18 Oct 2023 • EN

Critical Importance of Family Meals With Shawn Stevenson

Episode Highlights With ShawnHow he didn’t eat a salad until he was 25! And what led to his nutritional shiftsWhat led to his massive health transformationFascinating data about how our social connections impact our healthScience-backed reasons that family meals are so importantPeople who have healthy social ties have

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