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Podcast matching for Guests

If you have a book, a project, a company, or simply an important idea that you want the world to know about, we may be able to help you find podcasts that will be glad to have you on as a guest, and to coordinate the recording.

  • Risk-free, success-based model
  • Extremely reasonable rates (nowhere near those of PR firms)
  • First interview match for free
  • Transparency and integrity

Guest search for Hosts

If you are a busy podcast host in need of an expert for an episode on a specific topic, let us help you with finding your ideal guest! We'll search far and wide (not limiting ourselves to Padverb users), contact the prospective guest, gauge their interest and coordinate the recording.

  • Risk-free: if we can't find your dream guest, we charge nothing
  • Transparency and integrity

For more information

Feel free to contact us by email ( Please describe yourself, your project(s) or podcast(s), and your goals. Do you want to interview or be interviewed?