How Padverb Works

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Padverb for podcast interview listeners

Discovering and following people

Our platform is chock-full of amazing podcast interview content and is growing rapidly. Try browsing our most popular profiles, check out the list of profile categories, or just do a keyword search. On Padverb, you can follow anyone—host, guest, or listener. Clicking "Follow" ensures that the person's interview content is automatically added to your personal feed as soon as it's added to Padverb. If the person you follow is a Padverb user, your feed will also contain every episode they "liked."

Organizing your bookmarks

If you simply want to set aside a few episodes to listen to later, then the "bookmark" button will let you do just that. Your bookmarks are private and can not be seen by other users.

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Padverb for podcast interview guests

Creating an Interview Portfolio

Use Padverb to create and grow your podcast interview portfolio. If you have ever been a guest on an episode of a publicly available podcast, we will gladly add that interview to your profile. Click the Add button on your profile page and send us a link to the episode or the podcast's RSS link. Your Padverb profile can also feature your photo, bio, and social media links.

Getting Discovered

Once you create a profile and establish your portfolio—even if it consists of a single interview at first—both listeners and hosts will be able to discover it.

Full-service Podcast Matching premium

Beyond offering many DIY features, we are happy to assist members of some professional cohorts (for example, authors and entrepreneurs) in finding a matching podcast to "guest" on. Please consult our services page.

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Padverb for podcast hosts

Adding your podcast

Adding your interview content on Padverb is easy! If you already have a podcast, you can submit your RSS feed for indexing and once it's added, label your guests. With every guest you label, the chances of listeners discovering your podcast increase.

Matchmaking with Guests

You can use Padverb to discover new, exciting interview guests. Our site lists more than 17,000 influencers organized by professional category, such as authors economists, journalists, etc. You can also search profiles by name and browse interviews by keyword.

Full-service Guest Search premium

If you need a subject matter expert for an upcoming episode, we may be able to help! Please consult our services page.