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How to capture a free country in 3 steps: 1. Antagonize its free people by methodically depriving them of their rights, 2. Thwart their reproduction through artificial interventions, and 3. Overwrite their generations of epigenetic memory by cultivating a new slave class that has never known liberty. Everyone involved

90 min
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Seth takes a closer look at Trump returning to Capitol Hill for his first public visit since he sicced a violent mob on Congress during his coup attempt on January 6. Then, Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers talk about vacationing in Fire Island before the Las Culturistas Awards before presenting Seth with his Best Vibe, Hands

23 min
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The kids are not alright, and the culprit is their phones. That’s the thesis of social psychologist Jonathan Haidt’s new book, The Anxious Generation. He joins Offline to discuss why he thinks smartphones and social media are fueling a teen and adolescent mental health epidemic, the evidence behind his claims, and the

52 min
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Reprogram Your Mind for Success with this FLASHBACK MASHUP episode featuring insights from David Meltzer, Dr Joe Dispenza, Jamie Kern Lima and Me! Dive deep with us this week as we explore transformative strategies to help you rewire your thoughts and supercharge your path to personal and professional success. Here’s w

92 min
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Have you ever wondered what truly makes someone confident, even in the face of insecurities and challenges? Welcome back to The School of Greatness, in today's masterclass episode, we're diving deep into the essence of true inner strength with some of the world's top experts. Ed Mylett shares his journey from insecurit

73 min
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Over 17 weeks, we will be studying advanced Capital Raising techniques as taught by Richard from all his experiences at the Family Office Club. If you would like to find out more about Family Office Capital Raising events you can visit  Discount Code : capitalraiser Get The Family Office Club membersh

14 min
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