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A neuroscientist’s strategies to help you remember what really matters, and how mood, multitasking and other people can impact our memories Charan Ranganath is a professor at the Center for Neuroscience and Department of Psychology and director of the Dynamic Memory Lab at the University of California at Davis.  He is

76 min
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The Charlie Kirk Show went live immediately after hearing the news that Joe Biden is out of the presidential race. Is Kamala up? Gavin Newsom? Michele Obama? Will Hillary coming back from her 2016 presidential grave? Charlie is joined by Alex Jones, Vivek Ramaswamy, Jack Posobiec, Tyler Bowyer, John Solomon, & Ben Berg

98 min
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Bill O’Reilly and Jon Stewart discuss the aftermath of the Trump assassination attempt, the pervasiveness of anger and hate speech in political rhetoric, and what this means for this year’s election.   Plus, Scott Galloway explains to Ronny Chieng how young people have a right to be enraged for their lack of economic m

23 min
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Gary Vaynerchuk & Ryan Holiday 18 Jul 2024 • EN

The Single Most Important Parenting Advice l With Ryan Holiday

Today's episode of the podcast is an interview I did on Ryan Holiday's podcast the Daily Stoic, we delve into a discussion on content creation, attention spans, and self-discipline. The conversation highlights the value of authenticity in content, emphasizing that high production value is less critical than relatabilit

41 min
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Spike Detox Trio - Order today at – code MELK saves you 10% at checkout with The Wellness Company   Learn more about and follow Iain Davis:   Pre-order Mel’s New Book: Americans Anonymous: Restoring Power t

61 min
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Ryan Holiday & Gary Vaynerchuk 17 Jul 2024 • EN

The Key Media Strategies for Maximum Impact | Gary Vaynerchuck

Gary Vaynerchuck, better known as Gary Vee, has always had his finger on the pulse of digital media. His content pyramid is the secret behind how some of your favorite online creators built their platform and is the playbook used by the biggest digital marketing agencies in the world. Gary joins Ryan Holiday at the Dai

46 min
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