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Jonathan Lethem
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Jonathan Lethem is both a fiction and a non-fiction writer, best known for his novels "Motherless Brooklyn," "The Fortress of Solitude," and "Chronic City."

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Claire Nichols & Jonathan Lethem 17 Mar 2024 • EN

Jonathan Lethem returns to Brooklyn

Bestselling American author Jonathan Lethem explains why he returned to Brooklyn in his fiction after 20 years. 

54 min
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Neil Denny & Jonathan Lethem 02 Jan 2024 • EN

Little Atoms 876 - Jonathan Lethem's Brooklyn Crime Novel

in the first show of 2024, Jonathan Lethem joins Neil Denny to talk about his new book Brooklyn Crime Novel. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

25 min
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Jonathan Lethem 08 Nov 2023 • EN

The Book Club: Jonathan Lethem

In this week's Book Club podcast, I'm joined by the novelist Jonathan Lethem. Two decades after his breakthrough book The Fortress of Solitude crowned Lethem the literary laureate of Brooklyn, he returns to the borough's never-quite-gentrified streets with the new Brooklyn Crime Novel. He tells me why he felt the need

48 min
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Alison Stewart & Jonathan Lethem 06 Oct 2023 • EN

Jonathan Lethem's 'Brooklyn Crime Novel'

Jonathan Lethem joins us to discuss his latest book, Brooklyn Crime Novel, which follows the crime that occurs all across a 1970s Brooklyn neighborhood.   Jonathan Lethem's 'Brooklyn Crime Novel'

29 min
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Miwa Messer & Jonathan Lethem 03 Oct 2023 • EN

Poured Over Double Shot: Jonathan Lethem and Benjamín Labatut

Jonathan Lethem’s Brooklyn Crime Novel brings readers to New York in the 70s and the cast of characters it contains. Lethem joins us to talk about creating something different than he’d done before, writing memory and nostalgia, the joy of bookselling and more with Miwa Messer, host of Poured Over. The Maniac by Benjam

95 min
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Jonathan Lethem 01 Oct 2023 • EN

Working: Brooklyn Crime Novel by Jonathan Lethem

This week, Isaac talks to author and returning guest Jonathan Lethem! In the interview, Jonathan discusses his brand new book, Brooklyn Crime Novel, which revisits themes and settings that Jonathan engaged with in his previous works, Fortress of Solitude and Motherless Brooklyn. This time, Jonathan uses unusual storyte

45 min
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?? • 22/Jul/2023 20:55:53 • English • Audio
A surprisingly relatable literary master

I discovered Jonathan in 2015. I remember almost the exact day because I was vacationing in Barcelona and I needed a book to... I had to take a few plane rides back and I needed a book to read on the plane, so I bought something that I thought was kind of interesting. It was called a book called Chronic City and to this day it remains one of the favorite novels that I read and it reminded me a lot about my younger years in New York, but it wasn't actually a normal novel. It was kind of a... you have to read it. I'm not gonna explain in this comment what it was, but since then I've been kind of following him as a writer and also as an interview guest. One of the podcasters that I used to follow very very closely, Jason Horsley, apparently he also really likes Jonathan's writings, so he invited him several times to his erstwhile podcast that I don't think is active anymore, but so that was another reason to listen to him. And finally I also read his other books, his essays. I listened to an audiobook of essays of his. I think it was actually him reading it, but I can't remember right now. And the whole overall, I just always find his take on cultural things very interesting, so looking forward to hearing more interviews and especially, you know, I wish one day maybe Jason did another one.

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