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Jasun Horsley

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Episodes with Jasun Horsley

26/Sep/2020 01:15:47

Jasun Horsley & Jonathan Lethem  • 26/Sep/2020 • 01:15:47

The Liminalist # 260: An Emissary from Vanishing Worlds (with Jonathan Lethem)

01/Aug/2020 01:39:16

Jasun Horsley & James Ellis  • 01/Aug/2020 • 01:39:16

The Liminalist # 253: Hanging Out Under the Tree of Trauma (with James Ellis of Hermitix)

27/May/2020 01:04:33

James Ellis & Jasun Horsley  • 27/May/2020 • 01:04:33

Identity and Obsession with Jasun Horsley

09/May/2020 00:00

Jasun Horsley & James H. Kunstler  • 09/May/2020 • 00:00

The Liminalist # 241: Reality-Based Living (with James Howard Kunstler)

07/Feb/2020 01:28:48

Jasun Horsley & James Ellis  • 07/Feb/2020 • 01:28:48

The Liminalist # 228: The Mystic Joiner (with Meta-Nomad)

Jasun Horsley Jasun Horsley is a British-born author and podcaster whose work in print and audio (the latter mostly as an interviewer) covers a mind-bogglingly broad range of subjects – from film, literature, and media criticism to autism, psychology, conspiracy theories, mind control, and the occult. He is the brother of the late Sebastian Horsley, a British artist, writer, and media eccentric.