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Jasun Horsley is a British-born author and podcaster whose work in print and audio (the latter mostly as an interviewer) covers a mind-bogglingly broad range of subjects – from film, literature, and media criticism to autism, psychology, conspiracy theories, mind control, and the occult. He is the brother of the late Sebastian Horsley, a British artist, writer, and media eccentric.

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Jasun Horsley 16 May 2024 • EN

Jasun Horsley on the Technology of Evil

Jasun Horsley joins us for a conversation about his book Big Mother: The Technological Body of Evil, which analyzes the Satanic techniques that converge upon the human body in the modern world. Topics of discussion include how the Wachowskis' red pill turned blue, the significance of the COVID-19 pandemic, how the occu

127 min
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James Ellis & Jasun Horsley 03 Apr 2024 • EN

Embodiment and Technology, Fact and Fiction with Jasun Horsley

Jasun Horsley is an author of several books on popular culture, psychology, and high strangeness. He is a transmedia storyteller, independent scholar, and existential detective. He lives and works in Canada. Horsley's blog: https://childrenofjob.substack.com/ --- Become part of the Hermitix community: Hermitix Twitter

78 min
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The post KunstlerCast 396 — Jasun Horsley Explores the uncanny Valley with “Big Mother” appeared first on Kunstler.

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Jasun Horsley 02 Sep 2023 • EN

Jasun Horsley - Revelations and Realisations.

Jasun Horsley - Revelations and Realisations. When Jasun Horsley was younger, he wanted to be a wizard. He studied the occult and it gave him a certain degree of comfort away from the trials and troubles of the real world. This separation from others and his innate interest in life has given him an insight into the wor

53 min
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Jasun Horsley & Ann Diamond 31 Oct 2021 • EN

The Liminalist # 295: The Tower of Song (with Ann Diamond)

Return conversation with Ann Diamond on where the evidence-body of Leonard Cohen’s legacy is buried, and why. Part One: Circles of Hell (0 – 32 mins) Bodies under McGill, Kevin Annett, MKULTRA, circles of Hell, pillars of Montreal, culture of crime, enter Leonard Cohen, a messiah complex, going to the dark side, 360 sh

119 min
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Jasun Horsley & Tessa Lena + Kate Ledogar 24 Aug 2021 • EN

The Liminalist # 291: Seeing the Machine (with Tessa Lena & Kate Ledogar)

Conversation with Kate Ledogar and Tessa Lena on a 2000-year soul domination plan and the way through & out of Hell. Part One: The Doctrine of Domination (0 – 33 mins) Facing reality, emotional mechanisms, seeing the machine, the need for order, the learning curve of an abusive marriage, a classic nightmare, the price

135 min
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