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KMO has been the voice behind the C-Realm podcast for well over a decade. He discovered podcasting while driving for a dead-end sales job and within days, he was hooked (and his sales career, doomed). Since those prehistoric days, he has sat down for a conversation over 500 times – with authors, bloggers, activists, technology gurus, and fellow podcasters – and these conversations made KMO reconsider many of his earlier positions. He now describes himself as a "recovering libertarian and Singularitarian." KMO is the writer and illustrator of GEBB, a darkly comedic, scifi comic about aliens who love the Earth but hate their jobs. He is a life-long lover of science fiction, both on the screen and on the page.

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KMO details how artificial intelligence unites the seemingly disparate stories around the Senate UAP hearings, the Hollywood writers and actors strike, and the Silicon Valley cult known as e/acc (effective accelerationism).

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This is an addendum to episode 016, in which I read and responded to an email from Static Warp Shell trying to persuade me to listen to the Joe Rogan interview with Robert Kennedy Jr, and episode 018 in which I gave the same treatment to feedback from Tom, who voiced his frustration at the reflexively anti-authoritaria

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KMO 05 Jul 2023 • EN

018 - KMO on COVID Scientism

Two weeks ago, I published an hour-long explanation as to why I have no interest in joining the cultural struggle over the COVID-19 pandemic or delve into the details of why some people refuse to take the mRNA vaccines. This week, I respond to another email from a long-time listener. This time the listener asked for su

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Both host and guest in this week's show once subscribed to idea that technological civilization would be collapsing in short order. Both have since moderated their views, but while KMO has repudiated any involvement with Doomerism, Christopher Harrison still thinks that the current technological, ecological, economic a

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Listeners have encouraged me to get invested in the cultural contest between defenders of the establishment's account of COVID-19 and the mRNA vaccines and those who gravitate to a darker interpretation of events. Wrapped up in the ideological antagonism is the presidential candidacy of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.. I will n

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KMO & Chris Cutrone 14 Jun 2023 • EN

015 - Chris Cutrone on Trump and the Millennial Left

Chris Cutrone is an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Departments of Art History, Theory and Criticism and Visual and Critical Studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He is the author of a trio of infamous essays published on the Platypus Affiliated Society that begins with Why Not Trump? He is also the

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