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Michael Shermer & Charan Ranganath 28 May 2024 • EN

Neuroscientist Explains Selective Memory (Charan Ranganath)

A new understanding of memory is emerging from the latest scientific research. In Why We Remember, pioneering neuroscientist and psychologist Charan Ranganath radically reframes the way we think about the everyday act of remembering. Combining accessible language with cutting-edge research, he reveals the surprising wa

98 min
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Michael Shermer & Sean Carroll 18 May 2024 • EN

Sean Carroll Explains Quantum Field Theory

Sean Carroll is creating a profoundly new approach to sharing physics with a broad audience, one that goes beyond analogies to show how physicists really think. He cuts to the bare mathematical essence of our most profound theories, explaining every step in a uniquely accessible way. Quantum field theory is how modern

75 min
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Michael Shermer & Lisa Kaltenegger 04 May 2024 • EN

The New Science of Planet Hunting in the Cosmos

For thousands of years, humans have wondered whether we’re alone in the cosmos. Now, for the first time, we have the technology to investigate. But once you look for life elsewhere, you realize it is not so simple. How do you find it over cosmic distances? What actually is life? As founding director of Cornell Universi

91 min
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Michael Shermer & Nick Bostrom 16 Apr 2024 • EN

An AI... Utopia? (Nick Bostrom, Oxford)

Nick Bostrom’s previous book, Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies, changed the global conversation on AI and became a New York Times bestseller. It focused on what might happen if AI development goes wrong. But what if things go right? Bostrom and Shermer discuss: An AI Utopia and Protopia • Trekonomics, post

105 min
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Michael Shermer & Chris Anderson 23 Jan 2024 • EN

Head of TED Talks Shares a New Vision of Generosity

As head of TED, Chris Anderson has had a ringside view of the world’s boldest thinkers sharing their most uplifting ideas. Inspired by them, he believes that it’s within our grasp to turn outrage back into optimism. It all comes down to reimagining one of the most fundamental human virtues: generosity. What if generosi

78 min
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Michael Shermer & Michael Shellenberger 09 Jan 2024 • EN

Michael Shellenberger Explains Government Censorship of Social Media

Michael Shellenberger explains the role of government agencies in social media censorship, his work on the Twitter files, and the differences between independent and mainstream journalism. PLUS: how to deal with the opioid epidemic, what we can do about homelessness, his take on January 6, George Floyd, UFOs and UAPs,

87 min
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