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John Poveromo & Leighann Lord 01 Feb 2023 • EN

Day 208 -Grabbing Joy Where You Can Find It with Leighann Lord

Leighann Lord is one of the funniest comedians working today, and someone I’ve admired as a comic and a friend since we met when I was only a few years into my career in comedy.   We cover our mutual nerdiness for all things sci-fi and tech, comedy hell gigs, covering her humble beginning as a standup, her influences,

55 min
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Jim Underdown + Leighann Lord & Rina Raphael 27 Oct 2022 • EN

Broken Promises and False Prophets: Rina Raphael on the Business of Wellness

50 min
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Leighann Lord + Jim Underdown & Timothy Caulfield 24 Mar 2022 • EN

Timothy Caulfield on the Infodemic and Spread of Misinformation

This week's episode is a bit different. Please enjoy a talk from Timothy Caulfield that originally aired on Skeptical Inquirer Presents. SIP is a live online series of talks from some of the brightest minds in the reality based community and is just one of the many great shows that the Center for Inquiry produces. This

65 min
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Jim Underdown + Leighann Lord & Kelly Weill 28 Feb 2022 • EN

Kelly Weill on Flat-Earthers and Why People Will Believe Anything

In this week's episode, we are diving into the flat-earth conspiracy theory and why people could believe such a thing with guest Kelly Weill and her new book, Off the Edge. In 2019 Jim Underdown and the CFI Investigations Group produced a video where they designed a series of experiments to show that the earth is indee

49 min
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Kurt Andersen is the author of the novels Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire: A 500-Year History (2017), True Believers (2012), Heyday (2007), and Turn of the Century (1999). He's also written for film, television, and the stage and is the former host and co-creator of the Peabody Award winning Studio 360, a weekly

40 min
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Adam Sank & Leighann Lord 18 Jan 2020 • EN

Ep. 122: Leighann Lord Loves Dict Jokes

In our first live show of 2020, acclaimed comedian, author and grammar nerd Leighann Lord talks to us about everything from caring for aging parents to why one should always dress to impress. But first, Adam, Ryan and JayBee discuss the strange case of the toe-sucking burglar. Prepare to be tickled.

59 min
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