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Zibby speaks to journalist Rina Raphael about her new book The Gospel of Wellness: Gyms, Gurus, Goop, and the False Promise of Self-Care, a revelatory, cautionary, and expertly-written study of the modern wellness industry (and its impact on women, especially). Rina describes “wellness” as an ambiguous, fear-mongering

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Jameela Jamil & Rina Raphael 11 Nov 2022 • EN

The Gospel of Wellness with Rina Raphael

Journalist and author Rina Raphael joins Jameela this week to discuss her book, The Gospel of Wellness - her journalistic look into wellness culture. They cover what wellness encompasses, why it is so appealing to women, the nuances of the wellness movement, trends Rina finds problematic, the things Rina wants consumer

61 min
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Leighann Lord + Jim Underdown & Rina Raphael 27 Oct 2022 • EN

Broken Promises and False Prophets: Rina Raphael on the Business of Wellness

50 min
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Hosted by Andrew Keen, Keen On features conversations with some of the world’s leading thinkers and writers about the economic, political, and technological issues being discussed in the news, right now. In this episode, Andrew is joined by Rina Raphael, author of The Gospel of Wellness: Gyms, Gurus, Goop, and the Fals

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