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Called one of the “four horsemen of the non-apocalypse” for his staunch atheism, Sam Harris is a philosopher and neuroscientist. He routinely assents to debates with theologians and religious leaders, making him one of the key representatives of the “New Atheist” movement.

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Sam Harris & David Auerbach 15 May 2023 • EN

#319 — The Digital Multiverse

Sam Harris speaks with David Auerbach about the problematic structure of online networks. They discuss the tradeoffs between liberty and cooperation, the impossibility of fighting misinformation, bottom-up vs top-down influences, recent developments in AI, deepfakes, the instability of skepticism, the future of social

36 min
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Sam Harris & Paul Bloom 20 Apr 2023 • EN

#317 — What Do We Know About Our Minds?

Sam Harris speaks with Paul Bloom about the state of psychological science. They discuss fiction as a window onto the mind, recent developments in AI, the tension between misinformation and free speech, bullshitting vs lying, truth vs belonging, reliance on scientific authority, the limits of reductionism, consciousnes

67 min
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Megyn Kelly is joined by Sam Harris, host of the "Making Sense" podcast, to talk about leaving the toxicity of Twitter, how the middle gets attacked by both sides, partisans treating their opponents unfairly, his comments that went viral about Trump and Biden that caused Sam to step away from the spotlight, former Pres

89 min
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Sam Harris is an author, podcaster, and philosopher. Please support this podcast by checking out our sponsors: - Notion: - Indeed: to get $75 credit - MasterClass: to get 15% off EPISODE LINKS: Sam's Website: Making Sense Podcas

Sam Harris & Stuart Russell + Gary Marcus 07 Mar 2023 • EN

#312 — The Trouble with AI

Sam Harris speaks with Stuart Russell and Gary Marcus about recent developments in artificial intelligence and the long-term risks of producing artificial general intelligence (AGI). They discuss the limitations of Deep Learning, the surprising power of narrow AI, ChatGPT, a possible misinformation apocalypse, the prob

86 min
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Ryan Holiday & Sam Harris 18 Feb 2023 • EN

Sam Harris on Stoicism and Mindfulness Practice

Ryan speaks with Sam Harris about the overlap between eastern and western philosophy, how mindfulness practices like meditation help us become better Stoics, why he is so dedicated to providing his content for free, and more. Sam Harris is a philosopher, neuroscientist, author, and host of the Making Sense Podcast. His

69 min
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