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(ChatGPT) Konstantin Kisin is a British comedian, writer, and podcaster. He was born on May 10, 1984, in Moscow, Russia, and grew up in London, UK. Kisin has gained a significant following for his stand-up comedy and has performed at various comedy clubs and festivals across the UK and internationally. In addition to his work in comedy, Kisin is also known for his writing and commentary on various cultural and political issues. He has written for publications such as The Spectator, The Telegraph, and Quillette, and has appeared as a guest on various radio and television programs. Kisin is also the co-host of the popular podcast "TRIGGERnometry," which he co-hosts with Francis Foster. The podcast features conversations with a variety of guests on topics ranging from politics and culture to philosophy and science. TRIGGERnometry has gained a large following on social media platforms such as YouTube, and has been praised for its commitment to free speech and open dialogue. Kisin is known for his provocative and often controversial views, particularly on issues related to free speech and political correctness. He has been a vocal critic of what he sees as the growing trend towards censorship and intolerance in society, and has argued for the importance of free and open debate.

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Francis Foster + Konstantin Kisin & Christopher Rufo 17 Sep 2023 • EN

Why Diversity Programs Need to Be ELIMINATED - Christopher Rufo

Christopher Rufo is an American conservative activist and senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research. He is an opponent of critical race theory and has worked to bring about its regulation in the school system. In January 2023 he was appointed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to the board of trustees

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Francis Foster + Konstantin Kisin & Scott Adams 13 Sep 2023 • EN

Trump Must Win to Avoid Prison - Scott Adams

Scott Adams is an American author and cartoonist. He is the creator of the Dilbert comic strip, and the author of several nonfiction works of business, commentary, and satire. In 2023, Dilbert was dropped by its distributor and numerous newspapers after Adams published a controversial video about race relations. He has

66 min
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Francis Foster + Konstantin Kisin & Tim Urban 03 Sep 2023 • EN

How the Media Creates Delusional Tribes - Tim Urban

Tim Urban is a blogger who writes about a wide range of topics, from science and technology to psychology and philosophy. He is known for creating minimalist stick-figure illustrations to help explain complex concepts in a simple way. His musings are collected on his website, ‘Wait But Why’, and featured in his newly-r

59 min
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Francis Foster + Konstantin Kisin & Aaron Bastani 27 Aug 2023 • EN

An Honest Conversation with a Marxist - Aaron Bastani

Aaron Bastani is a British journalist and writer. He co-founded the left-wing media organisation Novara Media in 2011, and has hosted and co-hosted many of its podcasts and videos. He has written for The Guardian, London Review of Books, UnHerd and Vice, and is the author of Fully Automated Luxury Communism (2019) the

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Peter McCormack & Konstantin Kisin 25 Aug 2023 • EN

The Growing Culture War with Konstantin Kisin

“Freedom has tradeoffs, freedom will mean you’re less safe and freedom means people will say things you don’t like; I’m okay with that, because I don’t want to live in totalitarian China and I don’t want to live in Soviet Russia, if you do that’s fine, go there and live there.” — Konstantin Kisin Konstantin Kisin is a

71 min
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Francis Foster + Konstantin Kisin & Mark Steel 06 Aug 2023 • EN

"The Left Used to Believe in Winning People Over" - Mark Steel

Mark Steel is an English author, broadcaster, stand-up comedian and newspaper columnist. He is a regular on British TV and radio, appearing on such shows as Mock the Week, Have I Got New for You and QI. He has also written for The Guardian, The Independent and Daily Mirror. He presents BBC Radio programmes The Mark Ste

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