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Tim, Ian, Phil, & Serge join Ashley St Clair and Alex Stein to discuss the Democrat New Mexico governor making another attempt to ban guns, the men in the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping case being acquitted and protestors confronting AOC over the immigration crisis in New York. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit mega

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Ben Burgis & James O'Keefe + Tim Pool + Tulsi Gabbard 09 Jul 2022 • EN

FULL DEBATE! Ben Burgis vs. James O'Keefe, Tulis Gabbard & Tim Pool at the Beacon Theater in NYC (6/25)

Ben Burgis faces off against an interesting trio at the Minds.com Festival of Ideas about media manipulation, freedom of speech, and labor unions. Follow Ben on Twitter: @BenBurgis Follow GTAA on Twitter: @Gtaa_Show Become a GTAA Patron and receive numerous benefits ranging from patron-exclusive postgames every Monday

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Russell Brand & Tim Pool 11 Sep 2021 • EN

#202 The Moral Conundrums of Politics

This week I spoke with Tim Pool. Tim is a journalist, activist, and one of the biggest political YouTubers of the moment. He initially became known for livestreaming the 2011 Occupy Wall Street protests. Tim is also known for discussing some of the more difficult questions in relation to politics, including: the issues

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Megyn Kelly is joined by Tim Pool, host of the Timcast IRL and Tim Pool Daily Show podcasts, to talk about Big Tech bias and censorship, free speech in 2021, the dishonesty of the establishment media, what he learned working at legacy media outlets, the rise and reach of independent media, Kenosha, Jacob Blake and Kyle

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Ben Shapiro & Tim Pool 15 Nov 2020 • EN

Tim Pool | The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special Ep. 107

As the legacy media continues to display overt political bias and seek to deceive the American people, the public has begun to turn to members of the replacement media who seek and speak the truth without covert bias. One of the most popular voices to arise from this public demand is our guest today, journalist, commen

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In all modern logic, Tim Pool and Glenn Beck should not get along. But after Trump’s election, this anarchist, avid environmentalist, and former Bernie-supporter saw the Democrat Party shift radically before his eyes. Now the left calls him a conservative, just for holding on to American values, reality, and individual

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