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Charlie Kirk & Matt Schlapp 22 Feb 2024 • EN

Why “Christian Nationalist” Should Be a Compliment

Charlie is joined by Matt Schlapp to get an update live from CPAC, ask who the people want as VP, and learn about frightful moves emanating from the World Health Organization. He also talks to Russ Voght about why “Christian nationalism,” far from being a slur, is a positive force for America. For more content, become

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Charlie Kirk & James O'Keefe 02 Feb 2024 • EN

James O'Keefe Does Anything For the Scoop

It's been about one year since James O'Keefe was rudely kicked from Project Veritas, the juggernaut he built from the ground up. But a year later, O'Keefe is more powerful than ever, and he just landed what may be his funniest story ever, posing as a gay man to lure in and humiliate a chatty senior Biden aide. O'Keefe

45 min
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Charlie Kirk & Vivek Ramaswamy 26 Jan 2024 • EN

What Vivek Learned Running for President

Vivek Ramaswamy's presidential run is over — so, what did he learn? Vivek joins Charlie to go over the lessons of the past year, and look ahead to his political future. Plus, Gov. Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma joins to discuss the national GOP strategy for supporting Texas in its border showdown with the Biden regime. Suppor

35 min
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Charlie Kirk & Vivek Ramaswamy 07 Jan 2024 • EN

America First, or World War 3? with Vivek Ramaswamy

GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy joins Charlie to discuss the next GOP debate, performing mass executions on Hamas, and the most important question of all - does Governor Ron DeSantis wear HEELS? Support the show: See for privacy information.

16 min
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Charlie Kirk & James Lindsay 02 Jan 2024 • EN

James Lindsay Exposes the Plot to Queer Your Kids: LIVE at Amfest

"Queer" means a lot more than just "gay." As James Lindsay reveals on-stage at America Fest, "queering" your kids is tricking them into rejecting everything standard, normal, and good about life, reducing the world to a cacophony of mental illness. Lindsay explains the Marxist roots of this threat and what the battle p

27 min
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Why is Vivek Ramaswamy running for President? How much longer does he think America can last? What are the guiding principles of the America First movement? With just weeks to go until Iowa, Charlie sat down with Vivek Ramaswamy to answer these questions and more. Support the show: Se

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