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“There’s going to be a revolution" if the economic destruction of America continues, warns Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The “billionaire boys club” at the World Economic Forum is “arranging the world to shift wealth upwards and to clamp down totalitarian controls on everybody else.” This episode of "The Glenn Beck Podcast" is

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Charlie Kirk & Michael Flynn 16 Apr 2024 • EN

General Flynn's 8-Year War Against The Deep State

Why did Barack Obama mark Michael Flynn as the most dangerous person in Trump's transition team? Why did the FBI single him out for entrapment? And why has there been no accountability for what they did? General Flynn joins Charlie to look back at the shocking Deep State assault on his reputation and personal liberty,

55 min
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Richard Wilmore + Cathy Nesbitt 20 Mar 2024 • EN

"Richard -vs- Cathy -vs- Dominick" - Episode 152 - Trivia Game Show

In the latest episode of 'Stuff I Never Knew,' host Jeff Revilla introduced listeners to a competitive yet fun-filled trivia game featuring three guests: Kathy, Dominick, and Richard. This episode turned out to be an engaging contest of wits, knowledge, and quick thinking, immersing both the guests and listeners into a

29 min
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Charlie Kirk & James Lindsay 02 Apr 2024 • EN

Rise to the Occasion — Not To the Anger

Joe Biden's "Trans Day of Visibility" wasn't just pandering to the mentally unwell. It was a calculated insult to Christian America. But as James Lindsay explains, it's an insult we must not take the bait on. James makes the case to Charlie that aggressive transgender militancy is an "op" against the right, a trap the

48 min
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Richard Kaufman & Dale Newton 21 Mar 2024 • EN

Is Capitalism Dead? What Do We Do Now With Dale Newton.

Is Capitalism Dead? On This Episode Of The Vertical Momentum Resiliency Podcast With Host Richard Kaufman Veteran-Keynote speaker-Comeback Coach We Talk All Things #capitalism & #businesssuccess Join us in this enlightening conversation with Author Dale Newton as we dive deep into the essence of capitalism 🏦, explore

63 min
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Charlie Kirk & Lara Logan 27 Mar 2024 • EN

Baltimore’s Bridge: Accident or Attack?

Most authorities seem to believe the collapse of Baltimore’s Key Bridge was a fluky accident. But Lara Logan isn’t so sure. She joins Charlie to lay out the evidence of a malicious act by hostile forces. Plus, Trump Media CEO Devin Nunes joins to discuss the phenomenal day 1 success of the company’s stock. Become a mem

34 min
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