Frequently Asked Questions

Padverb for interview hosts or guests:

How do I publish my interview on Padverb?

In three simple steps:

  1. Create user account
  2. Click "My Interviews," then "Upload"
  3. Upload your interview and label your guest(s)

Your interview will have to go to moderation, as we need to make sure real people are involved (no impersonations please!), but normally we will publish it within 2 business days.

I am not famous. Can I upload my interviews to your platform?

Absolutely! Everyone is welcome on Padverb, whether famous (in the traditional sense of the word) or not. Our mission, as a technology company, is to help bring new ideas to the world through the medium of interviews.

Everyone has ideas that can be shared with others and we are creating the tools to make the process seamless for everyone!

Can I upload my interview if I was the guest?

Absolutely! Either the host or guest can upload it.

I already have an interview podcast with a working RSS feed. Can I submit it to your platform?

Yes! We'll soon add it the list of user tools. For now, just drop us an e-mail ( and let us know your RSS feed's URL. We'll try to index it within 2 business days.

My profile already exists on Padverb. How do I claim it?

As of this writing (Jan'22):

  • If your e-mail is public knowledge, it is possible that our system has already associated your public profile with your public e-mail. Try asking to reset your password (click "forgot password" on the log in form).
  • Or you can just e-mail us at, mention your profile, and request to link your email to a profile already on Padverb. We'll get back to you within 2 business days and you'll most likely be able to follow the procedure above.

Do you have video interviews?

We are an audio-only platform.

Do you allow non-interview podcasts or episodes?

We are exclusively an interview platform.

Do you have a sector focus?

Actually, no, we don't. You can post interviews on any topic imaginable – as long as they don't violate our Content Community Standards.

I wrote a book. Any ideas on how Padverb can help me promote it?

First of all, you are in good company! Our platform features thousands of authors. Second, yes. You can upload/link your prior interviews onto Padverb and then share the link to your Padverb profile through your social media channels.

You can also request to be interviewed about your book. If you need help finding a host, please e-mail our CEO, Anna ( We have a network of hosts interested in conducting interviews.

Who owns the interview that gets uploaded to Padverb?

When the question arises, copyright ownership is subject to agreement between host and guest. All options (joint ownership, the host owning the entire interview, as well as 50/50 or even 100% guest ownership) are possible.

Ok, I want to register as a user. Any restrictions on my profile name?

You can use any name as long as it is shorter than 16 characters, does not violate our Terms of Service, and contains only letters, digits, and underscores.

You may have noticed that many profiles also use dots. Generally, these are real-name profiles. If you'd like a user/profile name of this type (e.g. [first].[last] where First and Last are your first and last names, respectively), please register a regular account first (i.e. one without a dot – for example, using an underscore (_) instead of the dot) and then send us an email requesting username conversion. Note that we may ask for additional documentation to verify your identity.

Can I have several Padverb accounts?

In most cases, yes (why not?) – you just need to provide a unique email address for each. However, only one profile per person can have real-name profile status.

Padverb for listeners:

How do I create my personalized feed on Padverb to listen to interviews?

  1. Log in to your user account
  2. Follow a few profiles. That's it! Your feed is activated

Wherever you are on the site, clicking on the Padverb logo in the top left corner will take you to your homepage, which shows the most recent episodes in your personalized feed.

How can I review which profiles I follow?

Click on the "bookmark" icon in the top right corner (between "My Interviews" and your profile icon). You can review your profile follows, as well as your likes.

Can I listen to my personalized Padverb feed in my favorite app (Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, etc.)?

Most likely, yes! After you Log In, scroll down to where it says "Listen to your padverb feed in your favorite app". Click "Copy RSS link". A message "link copied" will pop up (this is how you know you are on the right track). Go to your favorite app and import this URL. For example, in Apple Podcasts, go to "Library," click a pull-down menu, click "Add a Show by URL", and paste your Padverb feed URL. You'll essentially be getting another podcast subscription, only it will contain all of your Padverb content. New episodes will appear when podcasts are published featuring people you follow.

Does Padverb have its own app?

As of January 2022, our iOS app is in pre-beta. Let us know if you'd be interested in beta-testing it. We also hope to release an Android version in the near future.

I am mostly interested in certain categories of interviews – for example, interviews about "Entrepreneurship". How do I look them up?

There are two ways. You can scroll down to the bottom of the landing page and search for "Entrepreneurs" in "Profile Categories". Or, you can put "Entrepreneurs" into the Search tab. It brings up both profiles of "Entrepreneurs" as well as the most relevant episodes about "Entrepreneurs".

I want to follow Padverb on social media.

Great! Please feel free to follow us on Instagram (@padverb_). You can also follow our CEO, Anna Haskell, on LinkedIn.

I have more questions. How do I contact Padverb?

For support-type questions, e-mail For general feedback, e-mail