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Padverb provides unique content discovery and social networking tools for podcast interview hosts, guests, and listeners. This page answers the most frequently asked questions. If the question you have is not answered, please feel free to contact us.

Padverb for interview hosts and guests:

My profile already exists on Padverb. How do I claim it?

  • First, register as a user (ideally, using your main/default email address)
  • Log in to the site
  • Go to the "Claim Profile" page
  • Find your profile using the search field, check the confirmation box and submit a request to link your user account to your profile.

That's almost it! We'll still need to confirm and approve your request, though. Normally, it takes one business day or less. Once you are approved and your email is added as a login email, you can simply "reset" your password by choosing "Forgot Password" on the login screen and entering your email.

Claiming lets you control your public profile: for example, you can change your avatar, write your mini-bio, or update social media links. In addition, once you are logged in as your public self, you can use fun tools like graph path search. Read more on those features.

I host an interview podcast with a working RSS feed. Can I submit it to your platform?

Please do! First, register and/or log in, go to your profile, click "Add," and choose submission by RSS URL and select "host" as your role. If your content is really long-form interviews, we'll try to approve it within two business days.

Can I request somebody else's podcast to be added?

Yes. Same as above. Go to your profile, click add by URL. Technically, you don't even need a reason, but to give us a heads-up, please let us know if you were previously a guest. You can also be just a fan.

I have been a guest on a podcast whose RSS URL I don't know. Can my appearance be found and added?

No big deal! If it was really a podcast, chances are, we'll find it. We have a simple manual addition request form. Again, log in, click "Add", then "Request interview addition" and fill out the basics. If you have a link to a page on Apple Podcasts or similar, it's a slam dunk. Otherwise, let us know where/how to find your interview.

Note that YouTube interviews don't usually count as "podcast appearances." Podcasts are shows distributed via the RSS syndication mechanism. YouTube is great and all, and may occasionally feature podcast interviews in video, but since they don't distribute through RSS, in effect, it's a separate, closed platform and is not part of the podcasting ecosystem.

I am starting out and I don't have an RSS hosting service yet. Can I still publish an interview I recorded on Padverb?

Yes, you can. Just log in, go to your profile, click "Add," and choose "Manual upload." You'll have to describe both the interview and your guest. Your episode will be published after moderation.

Note that this option should not be used if your podcast is up-and-running and has its own RSS URL. Instead, submit a request to index your podcast (see above).

I am not famous. Can I be featured on the site?

Absolutely! Everyone is welcome on Padverb, whether "famous" (by whatever standard) or not. Our mission, as a technology company, is to help bring new ideas to the world through the medium of interviews. If you have any sort of expertise and have something to say and would like to be invited to interviews (even if you haven't been interviewed yet!), please register and create a public profile. Please make sure you choose the most appropriate categories for your profile and feel free to describe your skills, achievements, or story in the "bio" field.

If you have been interviewed on a podcast before, check first whether your profile already appears on the site. If so, you can claim it (see above).

Everyone has ideas that can be shared with others. We are creating the tools to make the process seamless for everyone!

Do you offer video interviews?

We are an audio-only platform.

Do you have a sector focus?

Actually, no, we don't. You can submit podcasts on any topic imaginable – as long as they feature interviews and don't violate our Content Community Standards.

I wrote a book. Any ideas on how Padverb can help me promote it?

First of all, you are in good company! Our platform features thousands of authors. Second, yes. You can upload or link up your prior interviews onto Padverb and then share the link to your Padverb profile through your social media channels.

You can also request to be interviewed about your book. If you need help finding a host, please e-mail our CEO, Anna ( We have a network of hosts interested in conducting interviews.

I want to register a public profile. Any restrictions on my profile name?

You can use any name as long as it is shorter than 16 characters, does not violate our Terms of Service, and contains only letters, digits, and underscores.

You may have noticed that some profiles also use dots. Generally, these are so-called real-name profiles. If you'd like a user/profile name of this type (e.g. [first].[last] where First and Last are your first and last names, respectively), please register a regular account first (i.e. one without a dot – for example, using an underscore (_) instead of the dot) and then send us an email requesting username conversion. Note that we may ask for additional documentation to verify your identity.

Can I have several Padverb accounts?

In most cases, yes (why not?) – you just need to provide a unique email address for each. However, only one profile per person can have real-name profile status.

Any advanced features?

Why, yes, thanks for asking! Check out all of our cool "pro features".

Padverb for listeners:

How do I create my personalized feed on Padverb to listen to interviews?

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Follow a few profiles. That's it! Your feed is activated

Wherever you are on the site, clicking on the Padverb logo in the top left-hand corner will take you to your homepage, which shows the most recent episodes in your personal feed.

How can I review which profiles I follow?

They are listed in the pull-down menu. You can unfollow any of them whenever you like. That will remove their episodes from your feed (unless these episodes feature another profile you follow).

Does Padverb have its own app?

Glad you asked! We recently released our iOS app. You can use it in incognito mode (without logging in) or in logged-in mode (to synchronize your subscriptions, bookmarks, and likes between the web and the app). We are planning to offer an Android version in the near future.

I am mostly interested in certain categories of interviews – for example, interviews about "Entrepreneurship". How do I look them up?

There are two ways. You can scroll down to the bottom of home page and search for "Entrepreneurs" in "Profile Categories". Or, you can put "Entrepreneurs" into the Search tab. It brings up both profiles of "Entrepreneurs" as well as the most relevant episodes about "Entrepreneurs".

Where do I follow Padverb on social media?

Please feel free to follow us on Instagram (@padverb_). You can also follow our CEO, Anna Haskell, on LinkedIn.

Support & Contacts

How do I contact Padverb?

For support-type questions for both our web site and our iOS app (trouble logging in, resetting your password, editing your public profile, submitting your show, deleting your account, etc), please e-mail

For questions regarding our privacy policy, copyright, and similar issues, please e-mail

For general feedback and ideas, e-mail us at or fill out the form.