Padverb for hosts and guests

If you have a Padverb profile and your interview portfolio is not empty, rejoice: you are a pro!

01. Profile explorer

This search tool allows hosts to find the perfect guest for their next episode. Or vice versa. Comb through thousands of profiles in a few clicks. Look for people by role, by combination of roles, and filter out profiles using simple criteria.

02. Interview graph connection

Find out how you and another profile are connected through the interview graph. Just visit any profile and launch the path finder. The tool will dig up to six levels deep to show the possible connections to the target profile.

What's the catch?

There isn't any. Both pro features are free in their basic versions. Profile explorer has a few specialized filtering options that require a subscription, but you can activate a free trial just by clicking the "Try" button. Graph path search is completely free: the only requirement is at least one podcast interview in your portfolio (plus a public profile, of course).

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