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Join comedian Chrissie Mayr as she interviews her favorite people. Comedians, Adult Film Stars, Television Personalities, and more!

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20 Feb 2024 • EN

CMP 722 - Kat Kanada

Kat Kanada on Chrissie Mayr Podcast! Woke backlash from Canada's Premier Danielle Smith’s recent policy announcement that bans minors 17 & under from accessing top & bottom trans surgeries , Rachel Notley, Randy Boissonnault, Jyoti Gondek, Children’s Health Defense says Big Pharma will abuse new informed consent policy

75 min
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09 Feb 2024 • EN

CMP 721 - Malcolm Flex

Malcolm Flex LIVE on Chrissie Mayr Podcast! We discuss James O'Keefe's expose on Charlie Kraiger, a Cybersecurity policy analyst and Foreign affairs Desk Officer in the Executive Office at the White House, Working Out, Sending your kids to college vs. trade school and more!  FOLLOW MALCOLM: https://

77 min
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08 Feb 2024 • EN

CMP 720 - Clayton Fletcher

Comedian & Professional Poker Player Clayton Fletcher LIVE on Chrissie Mayr Podcast, Controversial George Carlin AI special, His new album "Middle Child Syndrome", What it's like being a professional poker player, Reese's new ball shaped candy heart and more! #chrissiemayr #claytonfletcher #georgecarlin FOLLOW CLAYTON:

60 min
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07 Feb 2024 • EN

CMP 719 - Lisa Reynolds

Lisa Reynolds LIVE on Chrissie Mayr Podcast! TimCast, The Culture War, Turning Point USA, Tenet Media, Being from Philly, Her political career in DC, Joy Reid gets caught on a hot mic, Stephen Colbert shills for Joe Biden again in cringey new late night segment & more! SEE CHRISSIE'S STAND UP: 2/24 - MORRIS PLAINS - ht

98 min
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Chrissie Mayr, Keanu Thompson, Lila Hart, Misty Winston, Ashton Blaise, XRay Girl, Brittany Venti Chrissie and Keanu recap their recent trip to Dallas, Eliza Bleu is STILL TRIGGERED! The Boys actress Erin Moriarty quits social media after Megyn Kelly accuses her of getting plastic surgery, Ben Shapiro is now a rapper,

215 min
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SimpCast is back with Anna Perez, Chrissie Mayr, Brittany Venti, LeeAnn Star, Carmen Studer, Tuggs and Anna TSWG! SEE CHRISSIE'S STAND UP: 2/24 - MORRIS PLAINS -

223 min
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