Sam Harris – Konstantin Kisin

Sam Harris is a media personality, an interview host, and an author. Konstantin Kisin is a comedian and an interview host. We found 2 podcast interviews connecting Sam Harris and Konstantin Kisin.

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Episodes with Sam Harris & Konstantin Kisin

Welcome back to part 2 of this interesting debate between Sam Harris and Konstantin Kisin. We continue to dive into the impact of misinformation and the need for critical thinking in today's complex landscape – from addressing controversial figures to defending Western values, we explore the power of truth, the challen

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Welcome to another intense episode of Impact Theory, I’m Tom Bilyeu!  In today’s episode, I’m joined by Sam Harris and Konstantin Kisin to dive deep and debate the pressing issues surrounding misinformation, corruption, credibility, and the societal impact of distorted realities.  Sam Harris is a neuroscientist, philos

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Francis Foster + Konstantin Kisin & Eric Weinstein + Sam Harris 20 Oct 2023 • EN

Sam Harris X Eric Weinstein: Israel-Palestine

Sam and Eric join us to discuss current events and debate the wider issues at play. Sam Harris is an American neuroscientist, author, and podcast host. A central voice in the New Atheism movement, he is a well-known critic of religious ideology. Eric Weinstein is a mathematical physicist, public thinker and host of the

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Konstantin Kisin + Francis Foster & Sam Harris 18 Aug 2022 • EN

Sam Harris: Trump, Religion, Wokeness

SPONSORED BY: Epoch Times, an online news source that presents clear, fact-based journalism without spin. Go to to find out more! & Better Help - online counselling and therapy - 10% off first month Sam Harris is a neuroscientist, philosopher and author.

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