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Lawrence Krauss & Brian Keating 02 Feb 2024 • EN

A dialogue with Brian Keating, at the San Diego Air and Space Museum

In mid October the Origins Project Foundation ran two public events in California. The second event was held at the Air and Space Museum in San Diego. I had asked my colleague Brian Keating, who teaches at UCSD and is a Trustee of that museum, whether he might be interested in doing a public dialogue together that we c

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Lawrence Krauss & Carlo Rovelli 03 Nov 2023 • EN

Carlo Rovelli: From Dante to White Holes

Carlo Rovelli is well known as a popularizer of science. His short book, Seven Brief Lessons on Physics, was an international bestseller. I have known Carlo as a physicist ever since he used to visit my Physics Department colleague, Lee Smolin, at Yale, when I was a Professor there. Carlo and Lee were part of a small g

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Lawrence Krauss & Robert Sapolsky 18 Oct 2023 • EN

Robert Sapolsky: The Illusion of Free Will

I have been a fan of Robert Sapolsky’s for a long time. He is a creative force, with wide ranging knowledge, from primatology to neuroscience, and he is also a wonderful expositor of science. His previous book, Behave, was a wide ranging exploration of human behavior, at its best and worst. I have been wanting to do a

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Curt Jaimungal & Lawrence Krauss 10 Oct 2023 • EN

Lawrence Krauss: Multiverse, Dark Energy, Living Forever

YouTube link Lawrence Krauss dives into dark energy's evolving role, the matter-antimatter conundrum, and the significance of consciousness in our cosmos. - Patreon: (early access to ad-free audio episodes!) - Crypto: - PayPal:

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Lawrence Krauss & Peter Singer 07 Oct 2023 • EN

Peter Singer: From Animal Liberation to Effective Altruism

I have felt privileged to know the remarkable scholar Peter Singer as a friend and colleague for over a decade. We first met, I believe, in the context of atheism, but our discussions have ranged far more broadly, and his impact on my own thinking has been substantial. He and I engaged in a public dialogue in Arizona e

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