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Curt Jaimungal The Trinidad-born director-cum-podcaster Curl Jaimungal got passionate about filmmaking while studying mathematical physics (no less!) at the University of Toronto; he was one of the founders of a popular campus screenwriting club. His directorial debut occured at the ripe old age of 26. "I’m Okay" is a dramedy about depression, suicidal thoughts, and getting over a hard break-up. Working on the movie was a chance for Curl to learn more than just the tricks of the trade; he became deeply interested in such fields as psychology and philosophy. In fact, in the wake of the film's release, he founded a film incubator in Toronto where filmmakers can, among other things, get help in overcoming psychological problems related to the process of creating a movie. Continuing with this unique mission, Curt now hosts his own podcast, which also deals with different fields' philosophical underpinnings. Listen to him and his guests right here on Padverb!

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Curt Jaimungal & Alex Honnold 30 Jan 2024 • EN

Alex Honnold: Fear, Finding Purpose, Climbing

In today's episode, Alex Honnold shares insights from his climbing adventures, delving into how facing fear and embracing risk shape his approach to life. Alex reflects on the interplay between physical challenges and emotional growth, offering a unique perspective on finding purpose and meaning through extreme sports.

73 min
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Curt Jaimungal & Chiara Marletto 09 Jan 2024 • EN

Chiara Marletto: Constructor Theory, Ghost Particles, and New Form of Science

Chiara Marletto, a theoretical physicist, discusses the innovative principles of Constructor Theory, a groundbreaking approach that shifts the focus of physics from traditional dynamics to the realm of possibilities and impossibilities. She explores its applications in information theory, thermodynamics, and the fundam

124 min
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Curt Jaimungal & Daniel Dennett 26 Dec 2023 • EN

Daniel Dennett: Philosophy, Free Will, Thinking Differently

The deepest dive into philosopher Daniel Dennett's mind. TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 - The Soul 03:18 - Most Important Philosophical Question 12:06 - Do Qualia Exist? 30:28 - Uploading Consciousness 39:55 - Thinking Differently 56:20 - Pragmatism 1:01:06 - Robert Sapolsky 1:12:57 - Philosophers and Scientists 1:29:30 - Patterns

164 min
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Curt Jaimungal & Donald Hoffman + Philip Goff 19 Dec 2023 • EN

Reality, God, Consciousness | Donald Hoffman Λ Philip Goff

Donald Hoffman, cognitive scientist, and Philip Goff, philosopher, discuss consciousness, evolution, perception, and panpsychism. Insights into the nature of reality. YouTube Link:   TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 - Intro 02:46 - Goff’s World View 11:39 - Do Neurons Exist? 28:30 - What Is

138 min
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Curt Jaimungal & Peter Woit 22 Nov 2023 • EN

Peter Woit: Unification, Spinors, Twistors, String Theory

YouTube Link: Prof. Peter Woit discusses string theory, its decline, and introduces his graviweak unification theory using Euclidean twistor in Euclidean spacetime. TIMESTAMPS: - 00:00:00 Introduction - 00:00:00 String theory's fundamental issues | Mathematicians' challenges

192 min
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Curt Jaimungal & David Chalmers 09 Nov 2023 • EN

David Chalmers: Are Large Language Models Conscious?

YouTube Link: David Chalmers analyzes consciousness in AI, probing cognitive science and philosophical ramifications of sentient machines. TIMESTAMPS: - 00:00:00 Introduction - 00:02:10 Talk by David Chalmers on LLMs - 00:26:00 Panel with Ben Goertzel, Susan Schneider, and Cu

59 min
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