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Curt Jaimungal The Trinidad-born director-cum-podcaster Curl Jaimungal got passionate about filmmaking while studying mathematical physics (no less!) at the University of Toronto; he was one of the founders of a popular campus screenwriting club. His directorial debut occured at the ripe old age of 26. "I’m Okay" is a dramedy about depression, suicidal thoughts, and getting over a hard break-up. Working on the movie was a chance for Curl to learn more than just the tricks of the trade; he became deeply interested in such fields as psychology and philosophy. In fact, in the wake of the film's release, he founded a film incubator in Toronto where filmmakers can, among other things, get help in overcoming psychological problems related to the process of creating a movie. Continuing with this unique mission, Curt now hosts his own podcast, which also deals with different fields' philosophical underpinnings. Listen to him and his guests right here on Padverb!

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Curt Jaimungal & Michael Levin 14 Jun 2024 • EN


Michael Levin is an American developmental and synthetic biologist at Tufts University, where he is the Vannevar Bush Distinguished Professor. Levin is a director of the Allen Discovery Center at Tufts University and Tufts Center for Regenerative and Developmental Biology. He is also co-director of the Institute for Co

138 min
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Curt Jaimungal and Lee Cronin openly discuss Terrence Howard's recent appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience. This is NOT a debunking video. Curt and Lee review some clips from the Terrence JRE episode and discuss what is scientifically accurate and what still needs more review and what may be mistaken. This is meant t

48 min
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Curt Jaimungal & Michael Lynch 24 May 2024 • EN

Michael Lynch: AGI, Epistemic Shock, Truth Seeking, AI Risks, Humanity

This presentation was recorded at MindFest, held at Florida Atlantic University, CENTER FOR THE FUTURE MIND, spearheaded by Susan Schneider. Center for the Future Mind (Mindfest @ FAU): Please consider signing up for TOEmail at   Support TOE:  - Patreon: ht

71 min
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Curt Jaimungal & John Vervaeke 10 May 2024 • EN

Christianity, Infinity, The Sacred, Relations vs. Objects | John Vervaeke

The deepest dive into John Vervaeke's mind, with Curt Jaimungal.   Please consider signing up for TOEmail at   Support TOE:  - Patreon: (early access to ad-free audio episodes!)  - Crypto: - PayPal:

122 min
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Curt Jaimungal & David Chalmers + Scott Aaronson 30 Apr 2024 • EN

The Universe Is Simulated. Now What? | David Chalmers and Scott Aaronson (Part 3/3)

Here is a panel between David Chalmers and Scott Aaronson at Mindfest 2024. This discussion covers the philosophical implications of the simulation hypothesis, exploring whether our reality might be a simulation and engaging with various perspectives on the topic. This presentation was recorded at MindFest, held at Flo

30 min
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Curt Jaimungal & Neil Turok 23 Apr 2024 • EN

The (Simple) Theory That Explains Everything | Neil Turok

Neil Turok joins Curt Jaimungal and Theories of Everything to discuss his new hypothesis regarding the origins of the universe, building on Stephen Hawking's geometrical model to propose a theoretical approach that avoids the singularity at the Big Bang by suggesting a minimal, mirror universe scenario without requirin

123 min
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