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How can computational language help decode the mysteries of nature and the universe? What is ChatGPT doing and why does it work? How will AI affect education, the arts and society? Stephen Wolfram is a computer scientist, mathematician, and theoretical physicist. He is the founder and CEO of Wolfram Research, the creat

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Wide-eyed with wonder about space exploration, Stephen Wolfram's interest in science began in his childhood. Although he had difficulties learning arithmetic as a child, he became a young prodigy, publishing papers on theoretical physics at age 15. Today, he is a prominent figure in computational science and its impact

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Welcome back to The Cosmic Companion. I’m James G. Maynard. This week, we take the first of two looks at the upcoming solar eclipse coming on 8 April. Later in the show, we will be talking with noted physicist, mathematician, and developer Stephen Wolfram about his new book, Predicting the Eclipse.  From ancient fears

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Curt Jaimungal & Stephen Wolfram 20 Feb 2024 • EN

Solving the Problem of Observers & ENTROPY | Stephen Wolfram

Stephen Wolfram unveils his new Observer Theory and explains the origins of the Second Law (Entropy) with Curt Jaimungal. This is Wolfram's first podcast on his new views on consciousness, and the deepest dive into Wolfram's mind. TIMESTAMPS: - 00:00:00 What is Observer Theory? - 00:12:42 Different Observers (Who are "

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Brian Keating & Stephen Wolfram 19 Jan 2024 • EN

Did Stephen Wolfram Finally Prove the Second Law of Thermodynamics?

Please join my mailing list here 👉 to win a meteorite 💥 Has the second law of thermodynamics finally been proven? The second law of thermodynamics has been shrouded in mystery for a century and a half. Now, after building on the recent breakthroughs in the foundations of physics, Stephen

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Brian Keating & Eric Weinstein + Stephen Wolfram 15 Oct 2023 • EN

Eric Weinstein vs. Stephen Wolfram: The Battle of the Theories of Everything

Are you ready for the battle of the theories of everything? Eric Weinstein and Stephen Wolfram, two mathematical mavericks and personal heroes of mine, joined me on the show to debate their theories of everything, answer questions from the audience, and discuss the fundamental nature of the universe.  I thoroughly enjo

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