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Sriram Krishnan + Aarthi Ramamurthy & Bryan Johnson 03 Feb 2024 • EN

EP 72 - The Bryan Johnson Interview: How One Man’s Mission To Live Longer Might Save Humanity

Sriram and Aarthi are joined by longevity advocate and Project Blueprint founder Bryan Johnson. _ Show notes: (0:00) Intro (6:20) Bryan’s origin story (14:43) The idea that changed Bryan’s life (20:34) Bryan’s power laws to live longer (31:07) Improving willpower naturally (33:59) Responding to online criticism (37:31)

57 min
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Sriram Krishnan + Aarthi Ramamurthy & David Heinemeier Hansson 24 Jan 2024 • EN

EP 71 - David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) on Software Craft, Flow, Winning Le Mans and Fighting Wokeness

Creator of Ruby on Rails, Co-owner & CTO of 37signals (Basecamp & HEY) David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) joins Sriram and Aarthi. _ Show notes: (0:00) Intro (5:07) Why Sriram used to hate DHH (13:09) Why DHH avoided VC money (17:54) Demystify wealth online (23:08) DHH’s issues with woke culture (38:15) Craft and beauty (4

85 min
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Vinod Khosla is a renowned Silicon Valley venture capitalist and the founder of Khosla Ventures, known for his instrumental role in shaping the technology landscape. With a rich background as a co-founder of Sun Microsystems and a forward-thinking investment approach, Khosla continues to drive innovation across various

51 min
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Aarthi Ramamurthy + Sriram Krishnan & Vitalik Buterin 01 Jul 2023 • EN

Vitalik Buterin on crypto's future, SBF, AI fears, zk-SNARKs and more | Ep. 51

 Join us as we welcome Vitalik, the co-founder of Ethereum, on our podcast! In this episode, Vitalik shares his thoughts on recent news and lessons learned from the crypto industry. From discussing financialization and incentives in crypto to exploring the aftermath of the crypto craze, we delve into what the future ho

62 min
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Sriram Krishnan + Aarthi Ramamurthy & Marc Andreessen 21 Jun 2023 • EN

Ep 50 - Marc Andreessen is BACK! He Reveals How AI Will Save The World

 In this episode, we dive deep into his latest piece on 'Why AI Will Save the World'. We get into the piece and some of the critiques and really go all out.  0:00 Intro 1:31 Discussing “Why AI Will Save the World” 2:40 The Baptists and the Bootleggers of AI Doomerism in Washington D.C 5:49 Private Truths and Public Lie

109 min
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Aarthi Ramamurthy + Sriram Krishnan & Olivia Moore + Bryan Kim 10 Jun 2023 • EN

EP 49 - How To Be A Venture Capitalist, Explained

 Welcome to this podcast episode featuring Olivia Moore and Bryan Kim from a16z, where we dive deep into the world of venture capital! Join us as we explore the secrets of becoming a successful VC and learn invaluable insights on stepping into the thrilling VC landscape. Discover the crucial dynamics between founders a

45 min
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