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Patrick Wheeler + Jason Gauci & Bill Manning 22 May 2023 • EN

158: Software Supply Chain with Bill Manning

In today’s episode, Jason and Patrick dive deeply with JFrog’s Senior Solutions Engineer, Bill Manning. With the conversation tackling the depth and complexity of software supply chains, vulnerabilities and more, Bill deftly offers grounded advice to listeners old and new.   00:00:26 Introductions 00:00:40 Bill’s pleth

81 min
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Patrick Wheeler + Jason Gauci & Saahil Jain 10 Apr 2023 • EN

155: The Future of Search with Saahil Jain

When it comes to untangling the complexities of what lies ahead for search engines in this age of AI, few are as deeply versed in the subject as Engineer Saahil Jain. Jason and Patrick talk with him in this episode about what search even is, what challenges lie ahead, and where the shift in paradigms can be fou

68 min
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Patrick Wheeler + Jason Gauci & On Freund 24 Jan 2023 • EN

150: Code Reviews with On Freund

Patrick and I are always stressing the importance of code reviews and collaboration when developing.  On Freund, co-founder & CEO at Wilco, is super familiar with how code review processes can go well, or become a hinderance. In today’s episode with us, he shares his unique perspective on code reviews and maintaining h

73 min
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Patrick Wheeler + Jason Gauci & Sanjay Siddhanti 09 Jan 2023 • EN

149: Workflow Engines with Sanjay Siddhanti

At scale, anything we build is going to involve people.  Many of us have personal schedules and to-do lists, but how can we scale that to hundreds or even thousands of people?  When you file a help ticket at a massive company like Google or Facebook, ever wonder how that ticket is processed? Sanjay Siddhanti, Akasa’s D

59 min
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Patrick Wheeler + Jason Gauci & Max Howell 12 Dec 2022 • EN

148: Package Management with Max Howell

Package managers are an often-overlooked aspect of any operating system, but their importance is not to be underestimated – especially in today’s development environment. As both creator of Homebrew and CEO of, Max Howell is intimately familiar with the ins and outs of open-source development, software engineer

103 min
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Patrick Wheeler + Jason Gauci & Yonatan Cohen 28 Nov 2022 • EN

147: Quantum Computing with Yonatan Cohen

Yonatan Cohen – Co-Founder & CTO of Quantum Machines – joins us in this episode to tackle quantum computing!  Did you know anyone can run quantum programs on Amazon Web Services for mere dollars? Learn about this field early to take pole superposition in the race to understand and use quantum computers! 00:00:45 Introd

66 min
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