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Noah Labhart & Omer Rosenbaum 15 Jul 2022 • EN

S6 Bonus: Omer Rosenbaum, Swimm

Omer Rosenbaum lives in Tel Aviv, with his wife and 3 month old son. He loves to teach, and he shares his knowledge on his YouTube channel. He loves coffee, traveling, meeting new people, and learning languages (not just coding languages). In High School, he took an after school Pascal class - and he loved it. And arou

16 min
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Patrick Wheeler + Jason Gauci & Omer Rosenbaum + Tim Post 16 Jun 2021 • EN

Code Documentation with Omer Rosenbaum and Tim Post

What makes for good documentation? In this episode, we dive into one of the most important yet overlooked facets of coding. With us are Omer Rosenbaum and Tim Post of Swimm is an app that allows you to create docs coupled with your code, which are auto-synced and integrated into your workflow. It makes for mu

85 min
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