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Kevin Urrutia 20 Oct 2023 • EN

0341 | Kevin Urrutia

66 min
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Patrick Wheeler + Jason Gauci & Kevin Urrutia 24 Oct 2022 • EN

145: Unsupervised Machine Learning

Today we discuss adventures, books, tools, and art discoveries before diving into unsupervised machine learning in this duo episode! 00:00:22 Introductions 00:01:28 Email & inbox organization is very important 00:07:28 The Douglas-Peucker algorithm 00:11:48 Starter project selection 00:17:01 Tic-Tac-Toe  00:21:41 Artem

85 min
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Benjamin Shapiro & Kevin Urrutia 29 May 2022 • EN

Using Facebook for eComm Customer Feedback -- Kevin Urrutia // Voymedia

Today we're going to discuss hacking your way to the next order of magnitude using PPC. Joining us is Kevin Urrutia, the Founder of Voy Media, which is an agency and catalyst for business growth, helping brands cross the thresholds from six figures to seven, maybe seven to eight using performance marketing. In part 2 o

11 min
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John Golden & Kevin Urrutia 11 Oct 2021 • EN

Social Media Advertising for B2B Companies with Kevin Urrutia

Many companies still engage with social media using a scattergun approach, so they fail to leverage its full potential. In this Expert Insight Interview, we welcome Kevin Urrutia, the founder of Voy Media.

15 min
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George Grombacher & Kevin Urrutia 12 Sep 2021 • EN

Performance-Based Marketing with Kevin Urrutia

LifeBlood BRAND: We talked about performance-based marketing, the importance of knowing your client acquisition cost, having the right creative, organic versus paid traffic, and how to get started with Kevin Urrutia, Founder and CEO of Voy Media.  Listen to learn if you should be marketing yourself and your business on

17 min
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Patrick Wheeler + Jason Gauci & Kevin Urrutia 31 Mar 2021 • EN

Digital Marketing with Kevin Urrutia

We chat with Kevin Urrutia about why marketing is so important to any project, how digital marketing is different than traditional marketing, and what tools we can use to market our ideas.  Thanks for listening! Show notes: ★ Support t

82 min
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