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Tessa Lena & John Day 08 Jan 2023 • EN

Dr. John Day: Fired for Helping Patients

In this episode of Make Language Great Again, Tessa Lena (a.k.a. Tessa Fights Robots) talks to Dr. John Day. Article: To learn more about this podcast, please go to Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

58 min
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Patrick Wheeler + Jason Gauci & John Day 12 Jul 2022 • EN

138: Fixing the Internet with John Day

00:00:24 Introductions 00:00:49 IP v6 00:04:50 OSI 00:12:53 The IP v7 debate 00:20:18 The definition of an address’s scope 00:21:38 Why John feels DNS was a mistake 00:26:40 How IP mobility works 00:32:13 Bluetooth  00:41:41 Where will Internet architecture go from here 00:49:49 Understanding the problem space 00:59:04

88 min
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Patrick Wheeler + Jason Gauci & John Day 27 Jun 2022 • EN

137: The Origins of the Internet with John Day

00:01:01 Introduction 00:01:28 COVID and the challenge of teaching 00:04:11 John’s academic and career path 00:08:14 LSI technology 00:12:13 Collaborative software development in the day 00:15:24 ARPANET’s early use 00:20:08 Atom bomb and weather simulations 00:26:55 The message-switching network  00:34:57 Pouzin 00:38

84 min
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