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Tom Woods & Stephen Wolfram 27 May 2023 • EN

Ep. 2339 Stephen Wolfram on Our AI Present and Future

The brilliant Stephen Wolfram joins us to explain the inner workings of ChatGPT and then to discuss the prospects of AI in general. Sponsor: For Father's Day, spare Dad the neckties and socks, and get him what he really wants: steaks. Use promo code WOODS at  to take $30 off your order. Minimum order may be required. S

67 min
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Gus Docker & Roman Yampolskiy 26 May 2023 • EN

Roman Yampolskiy on Objections to AI Safety

Roman Yampolskiy joins the podcast to discuss various objections to AI safety, impossibility results for AI, and how much risk civilization should accept from emerging technologies. You can read more about Roman's work at Timestamps: 00:00 Objections to AI safety 15:06 Will robots make AI

102 min
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0:00 Introduction to Nathan Myhrvold 5:40 Nathan's early years 13:33 Meeting Bill Gates 16:44 Understanding your audience 27:54 Microsoft culture 38:03 Nathan's passion for cooking 44:40 Archeology & Nathan's study of dinosaurs 49:23 Learning across multiple fields 52:30 Nathan's advice for you In this captivating podc

59 min
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Jim Rutt & Charles Eisenstein 24 May 2023 • EN

EP 186 Charles Eisenstein on Climate: A New Story

Jim talks with Charles Eisenstein about the environment and the ideas in his book Climate: A New Story. They discuss Charles's involvement with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s presidential campaign, his first encounter with the idea of global warming, the problems with carbon fundamentalism, environmental derangement, the imp

60 min
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Stephen Wolfram is a computer scientist, mathematician, theoretical physicist, and the founder of Wolfram Research, a company behind Wolfram|Alpha, Wolfram Language, and the Wolfram Physics and Metamathematics projects. Please support this podcast by checking out our sponsors: - MasterClass:

259 min
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Yann LeCun is VP & Chief AI Scientist at Meta and Silver Professor at NYU affiliated with the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences & the Center for Data Science. He was the founding Director of FAIR and of the NYU Center for Data Science. After a postdoc in Toronto he joined AT&T Bell Labs in 1988, and AT&T Labs

54 min
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