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Monica Anderson Sweden-born US citizen polyglot Artificial Intelligence (AI) researcher and Entrepreneur researching Large Language Models (LLMs) since 2001. ------- Inventor of Organic Learning based SSMs (Small Syntax Models) which are > 1 million times faster at learning languages than Transformer based LLMs with minor loss in precision. They do not even need a GPU, and can learn a useful amount of any language on the planet in five minutes on a laptop. These systems are aimed at high speed high volume industrial classification use cases, where GPT would be overkill and prohibitively expensive. UM1 (Understanding Machine One) is available in the cloud for testing purposes. Code on GitHub, details in blog. ---------- In Epistemology, I attempt to explain to AI researchers and others why and how 21st Century AI is totally different from 20th Century AI. This educational effort has been ongoing since I worked at Google in 2006. See Chapter 7 on blog.

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Jim Rutt & Monica Anderson 16 Mar 2023 • EN

Currents 086: Monica Anderson on Bubble City

Jim talks with Monica Anderson about her paper "Bubble City Design Proposal: A Twitter Alternative Which Is Not a Social Medium." They discuss the origins of the Bubble City idea, its architecture, quenching the flood of social media information, only seeing the messages you want, research bots, the difference between

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Podcast with Monica Anderson


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