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Max Borders joins me to discuss the bloodless revolution of Bitcoin, the development of morality, how incentives influence people, and the pursuit of happiness.  Max Borders is the author of The Social Singularity and Underthrow. He is also the Executive Director at Social Evolution.  // GUEST //  Twitter: https://twit

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Ryan Michler & Max Borders 19 Sep 2023 • EN

MAX BORDERS | Will a New Revolution Cure What Ails Us?

All of us agree that the currently political system isn’t working, regardless of where we sit on the political divide. With the federal government consolidating and amassing power, it’s increasingly difficult to see how they’re serving the people instead of the beast it’s become. But what is the answer? Is there a solu

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Mikkel Thorup & Max Borders 23 Aug 2023 • EN

Questioning Authority: Max Borders' Vision for Expats

Today’s guest is Max Borders, author of the book Underthrow: How Jefferson's Dangerous Idea Will Spark a New Revolution. Max has been an outspoken supporter of decentralized systems and individual freedom and has authored four books deeply exploring humanity's movement toward societies of decentralized governance.Today

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Pete Quiñones & Max Borders 13 Jul 2023 • EN

Episode 921: The $25,000 'Founding Document' Challenge w/ Max Borders

53 Minutes PG-13 Max Borders is the author of several books focusing on political decentralization. Max joins Pete to talk about a contest he's holding in which people will submit their best replacement for the Constitution, focusing on the "consent of the governed." Today's Sponsor- Crowdhealth - Promo Code: peteq - h

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Steven Parton & Max Borders 20 Mar 2023 • EN

FBL94: Max Borders - Decentralizing the Social Singularity

This week our guest is philosopher and author, Max Borders, who founded the non-profit Social Evolution in order to solve social problems through innovation, and who has also authored three books deeply exploring humanity’s movement to a society of decentralized governance. In this episode, we explore some of the finer

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Jim Rutt & Max Borders 15 Aug 2022 • EN

EP 162 Max Borders on Decentralism

Jim talks with recurring guest Max Borders about the ideas in his new book The Decentralist: Mission, Morality, and Meaning in the Age of Crypto... Jim talks with recurring guest Max Borders about the ideas in his new book The Decentralist: Mission, Morality, and Meaning in the Age of Crypto. They discuss happiness as

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