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Today’s guest is Dr. Robin Hanson, Associate Professor of Economics at George Mason University. Dr. Hanson is a prominent contributor to discussions on the implications of AI applications on realpolitik going into the future. In conversation with Emerj CEO and Head of Research Daniel Faggella, Robin contributes to our

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We will learn: Why it is hard for us to think clearly about our nature and the explanations for our behavior. The 4 strands of research that all led to the same conclusion: that we are strangers to ourselves. How to better read signals to understand other people’s hidden motives. No one wants to be called a liar, but w

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Adaam Levin-Areddy + Vanessa M. Quirk & Robin Hanson 12 Dec 2022 • EN

What We Secretly Want (w/ Robin Hanson)

Robin Hanson is an economics professor who kept running across conundrums of human behavior in his research. Why do we spend so much of our GDP on medicine —  even when studies show that more medicine does not lead to better health outcomes? Why have we spent years perfecting methods of instruction — yet educational in

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Gus Docker & Robin Hanson 24 Nov 2022 • EN

Robin Hanson on Predicting the Future of Artificial Intelligence

Robin Hanson joins the podcast to discuss AI forecasting methods and metrics. Timestamps: 00:00 Introduction 00:49 Robin's experience working with AI 06:04 Robin's views on AI development 10:41 Should we care about metrics for AI progress? 16:56 Is it useful to track AI progress? 22:02 When should we begin worrying abo

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Gus Docker & Robin Hanson 17 Nov 2022 • EN

Robin Hanson on Grabby Aliens and When Humanity Will Meet Them

Robin Hanson joins the podcast to explain his theory of grabby aliens and its implications for the future of humanity. Learn more about the theory here: Timestamps: 00:00 Introduction 00:49 Why should we care about aliens? 05:58 Loud alien civilizations and quiet alien civilizations 08:16 Why w

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Robin Hanson is a research associate at Oxford University, economist, and author of The Elephant in the Brain. In our in-depth conversation, we talk about the history of status and how that's changed in modern times, breaking down attraction and reverse dominance hierarchy, psychological human bias we have (and how you

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