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Russ Roberts & Michael Easter 30 Oct 2023 • EN

Michael Easter on Excess, Moderation, and the Scarcity Brain

Slot machines, social media, and potato chips: we humans seem to find a lot of things hard to consume in moderation. Why does "enough" seem so much harder to say than "more?" Listen as Michael Easter discusses these questions and his book, The Scarcity Brain, with EconTalk's Russ Roberts. Easter shares ways that our aw

68 min
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Russ Roberts & Alexandra Hudson 16 Oct 2023 • EN

Alexandra Hudson on the Soul of Civility

When Alexandra Hudson arrived in Washington, DC, she discovered that outward behavior is not always a reflection of a person's character. Her disillusionment led to an in-depth exploration of the historical concept and practice of civility, along with a newfound appreciation for not only empathy, but also debate and di

64 min
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Russ Roberts & Michael Munger 18 Sep 2023 • EN

Michael Munger on How Adam Smith Solved the Trolley Problem

In the original version of a now classic thought experiment, five people are about to be killed by a runaway trolley. Would you divert the trolley knowing that your choice will kill a single innocent bystander? Listen as Michael Munger of Duke University argues that Adam Smith gave an answer to this challenge a few hun

71 min
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✍︎: 🎙️: Instagram - Russ Roberts ladies and gentlemen. One of the true OG’s of podcasting and in fact so OG, that Russ is one of the mediums earliest adopters, Russ has been at this racket for

85 min
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Russ Roberts & Roland Fryer 04 Sep 2023 • EN

Roland Fryer on Race, Diversity, and Affirmative Action

Can economics and better measurement help us understand racial disparities and suggest how to reduce or eliminate them? Economist Roland Fryer of Harvard University believes deeply in the power of data to help us understand how the world works and how we might change it. Listen as he tells EconTalk's Russ Roberts of hi

67 min
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Russ Roberts & Walter Russell Mead 21 Aug 2023 • EN

Walter Russell Mead on Innovation, Religion, and the State of the World

Historian and author Walter Russell Mead of Bard College and the Hudson Institute talks with EconTalk's Russ Roberts about how innovation and religion can help us make sense of the current state of the world.

84 min
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