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Bethany McLean + Luigi Zingales & Matthew Desmond 29 Jun 2023 • EN

Why America's Poor Remain Poor, With Matthew Desmond

"Poverty will be abolished in America only when a mass movement demands it," writes Princeton sociologist and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Matthew Desmond in his new book, "Poverty, by America." Building on his own lived experiences of growing up poor and continued contact with impoverished communities that "forces [h

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Luigi Zingales + Bethany McLean & Daron Acemoglu 18 May 2023 • EN

Is Technological Progress Good For Everyone? With Daron Acemoglu

In his new book, "Power and Progress: Our 1000-Year Struggle Over Technology and Prosperity", renowned MIT Professor of Economics Daron Acemoglu (with co-author Simon Johnson) argues that the benefits from technological progress are shaped by the distribution of power in society.  In this episode, Acemoglu joins Bethan

52 min
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Luigi Zingales + Bethany McLean & Martin Wolf 16 Feb 2023 • EN

Martin Wolf: Is Capitalism Killing Democracy?

Read the following articles in ProMarket:There Is a Direct Line from Milton Friedman to Donald Trump's Assault on Democracy, by Martin WolfGeorge Stigler and the Challenge of Democracy, by Anat AdmatiCorporations Are Not “We the People,” by Geoffrey StoneeBook: Milton Friedman 50 Years Later, a Reevaluation Also, check

51 min
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Luigi Zingales + Bethany McLean & Cory Doctorow 08 Dec 2022 • EN

Taylor Swift, Ticketmaster, and Chokepoint Capitalism with Cory Doctorow

Read an excerpt from the book here:

56 min
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Luigi Zingales + Bethany McLean & Vivek Ramaswamy 24 Nov 2022 • EN

The "Woke" Capitalism Game With Vivek Ramaswamy

We're taking the holiday off to be with our families, but that doesn't stop the economic news. And there is no story bigger than the collapse of the crypto exchange, FTX. One aspect that attracted our attention was Sam Bankman-Fried, the young CEO of FTX, officially bought into a philosophy called Effective Altruism, w

50 min
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Bethany McLean + Luigi Zingales & John Cochrane 27 Oct 2022 • EN

A Different Story Of Inflation With John Cochrane

In June 2022, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said, "we [now] understand better how little we understand about inflation." So what do we actually know about inflation? In this episode, Luigi and Bethany explore the origins of inflation with John Cochrane, Senior Fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution and author of

40 min
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