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Eleven months into the war, where do things stand in Ukraine? What does the West need to do to help Ukraine win? What lessons can we draw from the war about the ambitions of authoritarians, the resolve of liberal democracies today, and the most pressing geopolitical challenges we face? To discuss these questions, Bill

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Jeremiah Johnson & Francis Fukuyama 15 Dec 2022 • EN

The End of History ft. Francis Fukuyama

How robust is liberal democracy worldwide? Why do authoritarian countries like China, Iran and Russia seem to be struggling right now? How safe is democracy in the developed world? Francis Fukuyama joins the podcast to discuss how the ideas from his book 'The End of History' apply to what we're seeing in geopolitics to

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Jenna Spinelle + Michael Berkman + Christopher Beem & Francis Fukuyama 17 Oct 2022 • EN

Francis Fukuyama on the promise and peril of liberalism

It's no secret that liberalism didn't always live up to its own ideals. In America, many people were denied equality before the law. Who counted as full human beings worthy of universal rights was contested for centuries, and only recently has this circle expanded to include women, African Americans, LGBTQ+ people, and

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Andrew Sullivan & Francis Fukuyama 28 May 2022 • EN

Francis Fukuyama On Liberalism's Crisis

Fukuyama is simply the most sophisticated and nuanced political scientist in the field today. He’s currently at Stanford, but he’s also taught at Johns Hopkins and George Mason. The author of almost a dozen books, his most famous is The End of History and the Last Man, published shortly after the collapse of the Soviet

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Krys Boyd & Francis Fukuyama 26 May 2022 • EN

Is classical liberalism dead?

Illiberal forces are on the rise throughout the country and the world. Francis Fukuyama is the Olivier Nomellini Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies. He joins host Krys Boyd to discuss the pushback against classical thoughts about individual rights, rule of law, and

31 min
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Luigi Zingales + Bethany McLean & Francis Fukuyama 26 May 2022 • EN

Liberalism And Its Discontents With Francis Fukuyama + The Baby Formula Shortage

Francis Fukuyama is an American political scientist and author, notably of The End of History (1992) and Trust: Social Virtues and Creation of Prosperity (1995). Now, in his new book, he offers liberalism as a solution to our current problems of social bifurcation, if paired with other functional institutions of a demo

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