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Alex Doherty & Adam Tooze 02 Sep 2023 • EN

Excerpt: Adam Tooze on the UK's economic malaise

Adam Tooze returns to PTO to respond to the many excellent questions sent in by listeners. Become a £5 supporter on patreon to get access to this and other episodes of PTO Extra! Go to to sign up. We talked about Perry Anderson's take on Adam's work in the New Left Review, why Adam - despite

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Rob Johnson & Adam Tooze 10 Feb 2022 • EN

Adam Tooze: A Global Green New Deal

Rob Johnson interviewed Columbia University historian Adam Tooze in early 2020 about his work on financial history and how it relates to the Green New Deal.

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Ed Miliband + Geoff Lloyd & Adam Tooze 26 Sep 2021 • EN

210. HAVE I GOT TOOZE FOR YOU: Adam Tooze on Covid, climate & learning from history

Hello! We’re chatting to incredibly prolific historian Adam Tooze about his new book ‘Shutdown: How Covid Shook the World’s Economy’. We talk to Adam about the response to Covid around the world and what it means for everything from the rise of China to the future of the Green New Deal.  PLUS Fiona McIntyre on her miss

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Ian Bremmer & Adam Tooze 25 Sep 2021 • EN

The COVID-Damaged Economy Surprised Adam Tooze

The pandemic hit the global economy hard, and many economies are still hurting. But it could have been even worse. In May 2020 as a guest on the GZERO World podcast, economic historian Adam Tooze told Ian Bremmer that the world was facing a second Great Depression. In a new interview, Tooze is back to take stock and ex

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Helen Thompson + David Runciman & Adam Tooze 23 Sep 2021 • EN

Shutdown/Confronting Leviathan

We’re back from our summer break with David, Helen and Adam Tooze exploring what the pandemic has revealed about politics, economics and the new world order. From Covid crisis to China crisis to climate crisis: how does it all fit together? And what comes next? Adam’s new book is Shutdown: How Covid Shook the World’s E

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Ezra Klein & Adam Tooze 17 Sep 2021 • EN

Economics Needs to Reckon With What It Doesn’t Know

“The world discovered that John Maynard Keynes was right when he declared during World War II that ‘anything we can actually do, we can afford,’” writes Adam Tooze. “Budget constraints don’t seem to exist; money is a mere technicality. The hard limits of financial sustainability, policed, we used to think, by ferocious

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