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Geoff Lloyd + Ed Miliband & Anne Applebaum 30 Oct 2023 • EN

Turning the tide: how Poland defeated the populists

The last decade or so has witnessed the seemingly unstoppable rise of populism across Europe and the world. The ruling Law and Justice party in Poland were one example of the trend and there were no signs they were going anywhere. But a couple of weekends ago, Poland voted for a change. We explore the shock result, how

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Geoff Lloyd + Ed Miliband & Grace Dent 24 Sep 2023 • EN

6th anniversary special: Comfort Eating with Grace Dent

Happy 6th birthday to us! And just like a young child who hasn’t learned a sense of self-restraint we’re reaching for the Ferrero Rocher with restaurant critic Grace Dent. Join us for a conversation about comfort eating, the title of her podcast and new book. What do we eat when nobody else is watching? And why are som

45 min
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Geoff Lloyd + Ed Miliband & Cariad Lloyd 06 Feb 2023 • EN

‘It’s not weird or morbid’: how confronting death can give us hope

Hello! This week we're speaking to comedian, actor and author Cariad Lloyd who's on a crusade to help us become better at talking about death and grief. Although it might not seem like the most cheerful of topics, Cariad believes that there's a lot of hope and optimism in thinking and talking about death. We discuss wh

41 min
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Geoff Lloyd + Ed Miliband & Anand Giridharadas 10 Nov 2022 • EN

The art of persuasion with Anand Giridharadas

Hello! A bonus Cheerful Book Club episode coming at you this week direct from Geoff’s loft. We’re talking to bestselling author Anand Giridharadas about his new book The Persuaders: Winning Hearts and Minds in a Divided Age.  Progressive movements need to persuade, not simply preach, he says. But what does that look li

36 min
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Ed Miliband + Geoff Lloyd & Oliver Burkeman 21 Aug 2022 • EN

Four Thousand Weeks: Oliver Burkeman

Hello! For the final episode in our Existential Cheerful Summer series we’re talking to Oliver Burkeman: author, journalist and self-proclaimed ‘reformed productivity geek’ for the Guardian. We talk to him about his new book Four Thousand Weeks: Time and How to Use It which is all about why it’s empowering for us to co

35 min
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Ed Miliband + Geoff Lloyd & George Monbiot 07 Aug 2022 • EN

The Future of Food: How to achieve radical change with George Monbiot

Hello! In the second of our summer episodes we're talking to environmental activist, author and journalist George Monbiot. Farming is the most environmentally damaging industry in the whole world, and great swathes of the Earth's surface are given over to the production of our food, particularly through grazing and fee

40 min
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