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Peter Schweizer, an investigative journalist, President of the Government Accountability Institute and seven time New York bestselling author of Red Handed, Profiles in Corruption and Clinton Cash joined VERONICA LIVE. Peter discussed the work his GAI office does and how they are investigating the Bidens and corruption

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Krystal Ball + Kyle Kulinski & Andrew Yang 16 Sep 2023 • EN

Episode 141: Andrew Yang

We talk to political commentator and author Andrew Yang about his latest book, The Last Election — and how political-thriller fiction might offer prescient insight into the precarity of American democracy.

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Dan Crenshaw & Yascha Mounk 19 Sep 2023 • EN

How America Fell Into the Identity Trap | Yascha Mounk

Yascha Mounk is a writer and academic known for his work on the crisis of democracy and the defense of philosophically liberal values. His new book “The Identity Trap” traces the origins of identity politics and how it’s rapidly transforming the modern world. He joined Rep. Crenshaw to discuss how identity politics gre

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Bernie Sanders 17 Sep 2023 • EN

Interview with: Sen. Bernie Sanders, Mike Pence.

First: UAW workers at 3 major US auto manufacturer plants are on strike due to income inequality and poor conditions. Mike Pence says that the question of CEOs making 400 times as much as the average worker should be left to the companies' shareholders. Next: Sen. Bernie Sanders says he fully supports UAW's goals, and

41 min
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Condoleezza Rice 19 Sep 2023 • EN

Through The Eyes Of Secretary Condoleezza Rice

Dr. Condoleezza Rice is a pillar in American politics, an advocate for education, and a respected sports spectator and advisor, and today she joins Trey to offer a glimpse into her life. Prior to being appointed as Secretary of State, under the George W. Bush Administration, Dr. Rice served as the U.S. National Securit

34 min
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Gloria Johnson's Website TN State Representative Gloria Johnson has dedicated her life to serving Tenneseans, fighting for justice and standing tall for all who have been left out, left behind, or left without a voice.  Early on Gloria’s family instilled in her the drive to put people first, no matter the cost. Growing

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