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Richard Herring & Sarah Millican 26 Sep 2023 • EN

RHLSTP 468 - Sarah Millican

66 min
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Richard Herring & Mike Birbiglia 23 Aug 2023 • EN

RHLSTP 463 - Mike Birbiglia

#463 Mr Moustache - In the last of the Edinburgh Fringe podcasts, the generous sponsor of the NextUp comedy award is proud to be joined by US stand up and actor, Mike Birbiglia. They talk about turning ailments into stand up, why Mike sleeps in a cocoon, how his shows have a very UK sensibility, how the stories you lea

55 min
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Richard Herring & Alison Spittle 14 Aug 2023 • EN

RHLSTP 458 - Alison Spittle

#458 Good and Evil Tape Worms - Richard has had an unpleasant experience in a fancy restaurant, but it won’t stop him talking to comedian and podcaster Alison Spittle. They chat about an unexpected pregnancy, turning trauma into comedy and when it’s too soon to do that, why comedians shouldn’t take cocaine, the surpris

59 min
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Richard Herring & Paul Sinha 09 Aug 2023 • EN

RHLSTP 456 - Paul Sinha

#456 Bum Solero - Richard continues his genius plan to do the Fringe without going to the Fringe and talks to quizzer, comedian and songster Paul Sinha. They discuss Paul’s 12th Edinburgh stint and why he’s doing exactly what he wants to do, the places that he always goes to at the Fringe, representing the nerds on Gog

57 min
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Richard Herring & Adam Rowe 04 Aug 2023 • EN

RHLSTP 454 - Adam Rowe

#454 Thigh-Eyed - Richard’s non-Edinburgh Edinburgh Fringe continues as he reveals the latest put downs from his much-funnier-than-him children. His guest is podcast king and fine stand up Adam Rowe. They discuss how doing an advert led to threats of violence, putting your stand up specials on Youtube for free, turning

68 min
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Richard Herring & Bridget Christie 02 Aug 2023 • EN

RHLSTP 453 - Bridget Christie

#453 Unchained Melody - Richard has got very angry with a cold caller - was he in there right? His guest is brilliant stand up and creator of new TV comedy “The Change”, Bridget Christie. In an explosive opening they discuss why Richard isn’t presenting the Masked Singer (amongst much else) and why he is evil for eatin

70 min
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