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Richard Herring & Jon Ronson 17 Apr 2024 • EN

RHLSTP 499 - Jon Ronson

#499 A Night in a Haunted House with Robbie Williams - Richard, it turns out, loves his AirTag more than his dog, but he’s back in London and eating tofu. His guest is journalist and lord of the podcasts jon Ronson. They talk about the worst decision made by an executive since turning down the Beatles, the brilliant se

54 min
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Richard Herring & David Cross 08 Apr 2024 • EN

Retro RHLSTP 79 - David Cross

RETRO RHLSTP #79 - Away or Towards? - A weary Richard films the audience as evidence of dissent for the future fascist government of the UK, before introducing a man who comes with his own magical minor ticker tape parade, David Cross. Starstruck and clearly in disbelieving awe, Rich flounders around and mainly embarra

80 min
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Richard Herring & Mary Beard 16 Feb 2024 • EN

RHLSTP Book Club 84 - Mary Beard

Book Club #84 - Emperor of Rome - Another live RHLSTP Book Club coming fittingly from the oldest recorded Roman City in England, Colchester. Rich and Mary discuss whether they might be on the site of Camelot, Boudicca’s decision to level the place to the ground and what year it might have happened, plus the controversy

60 min
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Richard Herring & Stuart Goldsmith 29 Nov 2023 • EN

RHLSTP 478 - Stuart Goldsmith

#478 Surprise Postman - Richard is in Bath, but spent the night in Cheddar and is wondering about what the last few years of his life might hold for him. His guest is rival podcaster and stand-up, Stuart Goldsmith. They talk about Stuart’s brief acting career, whether Richard listens to The Comedians’ Comedian Podcast,

56 min
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Richard Herring & Rob Reiner 27 Nov 2023 • EN

RHLSTP 477 - Rob Reiner

#477 Magic Bullet - Here’s a bonus remote podcast (because we’re not doing enough at the moment) with superstar actor and director and now podcast documentary (if you will pocumentary) maker, Rob Reiner. With limited time, they discuss which of his films is the greatest of all time, what you need to make a perfect impr

43 min
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Richard Herring & Lou Sanders 24 Nov 2023 • EN

RHLSTP Book Club 73 - Lou Sanders

Book Club #73 - What's That Lady Doing? - It’s another live Book Club, this time recorded at the Leicester Square Theatre with comedian and ice skater Lou Sanders. They talk about why the time was right for Lou to detail the funny (and occasionally shocking and sad) escapades from her life, why it’s tricky to write abo

45 min
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