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Richard Herring & Jon Ronson 17 Apr 2024 • EN

RHLSTP 499 - Jon Ronson

#499 A Night in a Haunted House with Robbie Williams - Richard, it turns out, loves his AirTag more than his dog, but he’s back in London and eating tofu. His guest is journalist and lord of the podcasts jon Ronson. They talk about the worst decision made by an executive since turning down the Beatles, the brilliant se

54 min
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🔥🦉🔥 -  In the last few years we have seen a significant rise in the belief of conspiracy theories. From the dismissal of facts as fake news to the full embrace of conspiracy theories by politicians and commentators, we face an uncertain future. Democracy is under attack and our open and free societies are in danger

80 min
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Nick Gillespie & Jon Ronson 24 Jan 2024 • EN

Jon Ronson: Why We Went So Crazy During COVID Lockdownsronson

The Things Fell Apart host explains how a 1988 quack medical concept inspired George Floyd's death in 2020 and how Plandemic rewrote Star Wars.

67 min
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Grace Dent & Jon Ronson 10 Oct 2023 • EN

S5 E3: Jon Ronson, journalist

It’s time for another mystery snack at Grace’s dining room table, where she’s joined by writer, journalist and podcaster Jon Ronson. Jon’s best known for going on adventures with unlikely people, culminating in hit books such as The Men Who Stare at Goats and The Psychopath Test. This week, he tells Grace about his pas

37 min
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Justin Long & Jon Ronson 03 Oct 2023 • EN

Jon Ronson 👻👁🏥💀

Jon Ronson (The Debutante) and Justin talk about his long career as a so-called “gonzo” journalist, what motivates him to pursue stories about fringe groups, and what he learned about our culture from writing his book, “So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed.” See Privacy Policy at and California Priv

95 min
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Richard Herring & Jon Ronson 19 May 2023 • EN

RHLSTP Book Club 53 - Jon Ronson

RHLSTP Book Club 53 - The Debutante. It’s a transatlantic podcast this week as Richard chats to fantastic author and journalist Jon Ronson, in a typically unlikely location in New York. They are chatting about his new Audible audiobook/podcast Debutante, a deep dive into the extraordinary life of Carol Howe, the former

49 min
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