Jon Ronson on the Allure of Conspiracies and the Culture War

13 Feb 2024 • 80 min • EN
80 min
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🔥🦉🔥 -  In the last few years we have seen a significant rise in the belief of conspiracy theories. From the dismissal of facts as fake news to the full embrace of conspiracy theories by politicians and commentators, we face an uncertain future. Democracy is under attack and our open and free societies are in danger due to a dangerous mind virus. Conspiracism is the new pandemic.  Our new project, Tin Foil Confessions, is not just a podcast and book; it's a beacon of hope for those lost in the maze of conspiracism. It's a story of redemption, a guide back to reality, and a testament to the power of change. But to bring this project to life, to reach more people and make a greater impact, we need your support. So, we ask you, join us in this fight against the pandemic of misinformation. Help us illuminate the path for those seeking truth and clarity. Donate to today and let's build a future grounded in reality, together. 🔥🦉🔥 -  Full transcript available at Jon Ronson on the Allure of Conspiracies and the Culture War Welcome to an exclusive episode of 'Some Dare Call It Conspiracy,' where hosts Neil Sanders and Brent Lee navigate the murky waters of conspiracy theories with guest Jon Ronson, an accomplished author and documentarian. This discussion delved into Ronson's firsthand experiences with the controversial figure Alex Jones, the shifting landscape of the truth movement, and the thin line between skepticism and belief. Covid, Clots, and Conspiracy Theories Ronson's personal health scare, contracting Covid-19 and later developing a blood clot, brings a sobering reality to the conversation. It highlights the tangible consequences of the pandemic, contrasting with the rampant Covid denial and misinformation that has infiltrated conspiracy circles. The discussion pivots to the pathological persistence of some conspiracy theorists who refuse to acknowledge their role in spreading harmful misinformation. Examining Alex Jones: A Turn of Perspective Ronson provides a unique perspective on Alex Jones, painting a picture of a man who consistently doubles down on conspiracy theories, potentially for personal gain rather than seeking truth. His recount of the infamous Bohemian Grove event illustrates the complexities and the theatrics of conspiracy narratives. This segues into a discussion of how some figures within the conspiracy community, including Jones, monetize and weaponize uncertainty to their advantage. Cultural Wars and Class Struggles: The Role of Identity Politics The podcast also touches on the cultural wars that are fueled by identity politics and class struggles. The hosts and Ronson debate how these divisive issues distract from the underlying socioeconomic inequalities that benefit the wealthy. They discuss the often-misunderstood or overstated elements of the culture war, designed to generate conflict and division. The Hero's Journey of Conspiracy Theorists Joseph Campbell's hero's journey is a concept that resonates deeply with conspiracy theorists. Ronson's exploration of this narrative shows that many within the conspiracy community view themselves as reluctant heroes, engaged in an epic struggle against the perceived dragons of society, such as government overreach and hidden crimes. The Skeptic's Path: From Belief to Disillusionment Sanders and Lee, formerly firm believers in conspiracy theories, share their journeys towards skepticism. They explore the pivotal moments that altered their views, shedding light on the internal conflicts that challenge staunch conspiracy theorists. This transformation from believer to skeptic is rare in a community where doubling down is the norm, providing valuable insights into the psychology of belief systems. In the end, the conversation with Jon Ronson throws a spotlight on the complex, and often contradictory, world of conspiracy theories. Whether as pronounced heroes on a valiant quest or vilified purveyors of falsehoods, conspiracy theorists occupy a controversial space in the collective consciousness. 'Some Dare Call It Conspiracy' invites listeners to critically engage with these narratives and consider their profound impact on society. 🔥🦉🔥 Some Dare Call It Conspiracy is produced entirely by Brent Lee and Neil Sanders. Consider supporting us and get access to AD FREE episodes, exclusive Patreon only episodes, bonus content and an invitation to our private Discord server by joining our Patreon. Or support us by subscribing, sharing, liking or leaving a review wherever you're listening to us! Please visit our website for all of our social media links, email address and various press clippings! 🔥🦉🔥 Become a supporter of this podcast:

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