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Jordan Morris + Jesse Thorn & Sarah Morgan 21 Sep 2023 • EN

Live at the London Podcast Festival 2023, with Sarah Morgan and Mat Ricardo

We have a very special episode for you this week! Jordan and Jesse flew all the way to sunny London-town for a live show at the London Podcast Festival. Sarah Morgan and Mat Ricardo join us for some games, some knife tricks, and some surprise celebrity guests.   Ever tried Microdosing? Visit and use JJGO

69 min
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Adam Buxton & Sam Bain 24 Sep 2023 • EN


Adam talks with British comedy writer Sam Bain about working with Jesse Armstrong and collaborating with Chris Morris on Four Lions, venturing into the theatre, what he learned from Buddhist retreats, best and worst plane journeys and whether he would have shouted 'Judas' at Bob Dylan in 1966. This conversation was rec

65 min
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Dan Schawbel & Felicia Day 24 Sep 2023 • EN

Episode 258: Felicia Day

My guest today is actress, writer and web series creator, Felicia Day. Felicia starred in Eureka, the CW show Supernatural, the SyFy series The Magicians, and created and starred in the seminal web series The Guild. More recently, she wrote and created the Audible original “Third Eye”. We talk about this project, and h

10 min
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It would take an entire section of show notes here to list all the things Felicia Day has accomplished in her career. Here’s an attempt at making that brief: acted in a bunch of TV shows you know, created and starred in web series, made just so very many online videos, and is now the author and star of an audiobook cal

43 min
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Gary Cocciolillo & Chris Halvorson 25 Sep 2023 • EN

Chris Halvorson - From Ufo's to Twin Flames and more...

55 min
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Matt Rogers + Bowen Yang & Sudi Green 20 Sep 2023 • EN

“KUNTUMN” (w/ Sudi Green)

If you thought Summer of KUNT was dead, well… maybe you would be right actually. Or MAYBE you would see it as an opportunity to herald the arrival of the first ever KUNTUMN, during which returning legend Sudi Green inspires us all to get in our full woman-in-her-30s bag. Join the boys as they record from a Las Cultch C

90 min
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