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Erin Macdonald Writer/Producer | Science Advisor - Star Trek | PhD, Astrophysics | Tattooed 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇺🇸 N7 Starfleet Pagan Rebel | she/her

Erin Macdonald's Interviews

Paul Tompkins + Tawny Newsom & Erin Macdonald 25 Jul 2023 • EN

From Fan to Science Fiction Consultant with Erin Macdonald

Ever wondered how warping would work in real life? Astrophysicist Dr. Erin Macdonald knows. Erin takes the inner workings of science and makes them possible in the science fiction universe we love on Star Trek. She also highlights one of her favorite Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episodes, “The Magnificent Ferengi”, becau

75 min
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Cara Santa Maria & Erin Macdonald 05 Dec 2022 • EN

Star Trek Science w/ Erin Macdonald

In this episode of Talk Nerdy, Cara is joined by Dr. Erin Macdonald, astrophysicist and consultant for the Star Trek franchise. They talk about STEM, sci-fi, and her new board book, "Star Trek: My First Book of Space." Follow Erin: @drerinmac.

52 min
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Erin Macdonald (PhD, Astrophysics) is a tattooed one-woman STEM career panel, with recognition as a researcher, speaker, engineer, and consultant before her current career. She lives in Los Angeles working as a writer and producer and is currently the science advisor for the entire Star Trek franchise.   In our convers

70 min
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Paul Tompkins + Tawny Newsom & Erin Macdonald 17 May 2021 • EN

Star Trek Science and Lizard Babies with Erin Macdonald

Dr. Erin Macdonald is living any Star Trek fan’s dream, going from working on her doctorate in astrophysics while watching Star Trek: Voyager in the background to serving as a science consultant for the whole franchise. This week, the doctor joins Paul and Tawny to talk Iggy Pop, “Threshold,” Trek Tech, and everything

77 min
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Susan Ruth & Erin Macdonald 02 Sep 2020 • EN

Dr. Erin Macdonald: The Horrendous Space Kablooie

E225 Astrophysicist human, Dr. Erin Macdonald, refers to herself as a “tattooed Scottish-American Slytherin N7 Rebel from Starfleet Academy.” She’s an educator (find her on Twitch and YouTube — “Dr. Erin Explains the Universe”), voice actor, and she hosts a Star Trek Sunday Brunch where she discusses the show with some

82 min
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Holly Spanner & Erin Macdonald 13 Feb 2020 • EN

Dr Erin Macdonald: Is there any science in Star Trek?

This week we’re boldly going where no Science Focus Podcast has gone before. Dr Erin Macdonald is the new science consultant for the Star Trek franchise. With the release of Star Trek: Picard on Amazon Prime, she takes us through the science of both the new and classic series. She tells our production assistant and res

28 min
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