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Are we already in WWIII? Is it happening in space, under the oceans, and in the economy and we haven’t noticed? Former presidential advisor Pippa Malmgren, has aggregated all of the data points to paint a coherent picture of what is going on right now. In addition she has her finger on the pulse of a historic moment wh

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Which of the seven levels of spiritual development have you unlocked? Dr. John Churchill has the deep codes of Tibetan Buddhist psychotechnology stretching all the way back to the first Buddha acknowledged to have exist 15,000 years ago!  One of these teachings is the seven fold path of initiation and development that

143 min
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Aubrey Marcus & Robert F. Kennedy Jr 12 Apr 2023 • EN

Our Next President Exposes The Corruption of Empire w/ Robert F. Kennedy Jr. #408

What is worth risking your life for? 2024 Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. can unflinchingly and unequivocally answer that question: For Freedom. For Health. For All Life.  RFK Jr.’s uncle JFK and father RFK were aware that they might have to pay the ultimate price for standing for what they beli

129 min
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Is there an agenda against the empowered masculine and feminine expressions? In today’s podcast with Kelly Brogan MD, we discuss the crisis of modern masculinity & femininity, how to use social media as a spiritual practice, victim consciousness, the pitfalls of feminism, and we take a deep dive into the world of BDSM

116 min
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Aubrey Marcus & Lewis Howes 15 Mar 2023 • EN

Greatness Is a Mindset w/ Lewis Howes #405

What does greatness actually look like?   Today’s podcast is with my good friend, podcaster, author, and former professional athlete, Lewis Howes.   We discuss the concept of greatness, synthesizing lessons from his hundreds of interviews with world class experts he’s interviewed on his podcast, The School Of Greatness

78 min
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Aubrey Marcus & Robert Malone 22 Feb 2023 • EN

Empire Vs. The Truth w/ Dr. Robert Malone #402

At the start of the pandemic, Dr. Robert Malone had faith in the medical system he had worked within for decades. When vaccines were approved, he got double jabbed. To this day he is still trying to heal from the injuries he received as a consequence of that decision. Dr. Robert Malone has been courageously outspoken d

147 min
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