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Have you ever wondered what truly makes someone confident, even in the face of insecurities and challenges? Welcome back to The School of Greatness, in today's masterclass episode, we're diving deep into the essence of true inner strength with some of the world's top experts. Ed Mylett shares his journey from insecurit

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Lewis Howes & Dean Graziosi 27 May 2024 • EN

The 3 Worst Financial Habits That Keep You Poor! | Dean Graziosi

Today, Lewis is joined by the extraordinary Dean Graziosi, a renowned entrepreneur, best-selling author, and transformative speaker. Dean, known for his book Millionaire Success Habits and his work alongside icons like Tony Robbins, shares his strategies for bridging the gap between current realities and aspirational g

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Are you ready to break through your limiting beliefs and achieve the goals you've always dreamed of? In this episode, former Navy SEALs reveal their powerful strategies to help you conquer obstacles and unleash your full potential. David Goggins, a best-selling author and former SEAL, teaches you how to reframe your mi

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Today, Lewis sits down with best-selling author Neil Strauss to explore the complex world of relationships, infidelity, and personal growth. Strauss opens up about his own journey from infidelity to intimacy rehab, sharing powerful lessons on rebuilding trust and nurturing secure connections. He delves into the psychol

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Lewis Howes & Charles Duhigg + Matthew Hussey 10 May 2024 • EN

Unlock the Language of CONNECTION: 3 HACKS for Supercommunicators to Build TRUST & INFLUENCE

Are you ready to transform your communication skills and build deeper, more meaningful relationships? In this episode of The School of Greatness, Lewis explores the art of communication with three exceptional guests. First, Charles Duhigg, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and bestselling author, reveals insights from hi

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On today’s show, Robert Leonard talks with Lewis Howes about mentorship, adversity, personal development, and how having the right mindset leads to success in life, business, and investing. Lewis is a former professional athlete, New York Times bestselling author, successful entrepreneur, and a popular podcast host. He

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LouellaBryant • 08/Aug/2023 11:47:39 • English • Audio
Titanic Book a Metaphor for Fate as the Great Equalizer

My new novel, published July of 2023, is titled Sheltering Angel, a novel based on a true story of the Titanic. The story follows two people, an upper class, actually three people, an upper class couple from New York City who befriend their working class steward and ultimately show the world that when it comes to fate, we're all in the same boat, no matter our class distinctions.

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