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I'm Danica Patrick and I'm Pretty Intense! I believe that each and every one of us has the power within ourselves to create the life that we really want. And I want to inspire you to go conquer your dreams, both professionally and personally. That's why I created this podcast. We can learn together with intense discussions with my guests about life, inspiring ideas and ultimately realize our true best self. Our guests will be from all aspects of life: They're going to be family, friends, celebrities, musicians, artists, experts and entrepreneurs. Sometimes people haven't necessarily been asked a certain question or maybe someone hasn't thought a certain way or even challenge themselves. And I feel like for me: I got that therapy through interviews. So. this podcast is going to be intense therapy! We're gonna go as deep as we can possibly go with people and learn what learn how they what they did, and how you can to. Join me for this deep dive...my only warning is, it could get Pretty Intense!

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07 Dec 2023 • EN

Cory Muscara

Cory Muscara is a former monk, host of the Practicing Human podcast, and bestselling author of the book, Stop Missing Your Life. With over 1MM followers across his social media channels, Cory has gained popularity for his down-to-earth teachings on mindfulness, well-being, and mental health. He has taught Mindful leade

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Danica Patrick & Jaiya 30 Nov 2023 • EN


BIO: https://missjaiya.com/ Jaiya is an award-winning Somatic Sexologist, Author, Founder/Creator of The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ and Star of Netflix's Sex, Love & goop. For over three decades, Jaiya has been immersed in the study of turn-ons, ancient erotic rituals, tantric sex, mastery of sensual touch, pure er

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23 Nov 2023 • EN

Dr. Robert J. Gilbert

Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D. has a multi-faceted background in both scientific and spiritual studies. He is a former U.S. Marine Corps Instructor in Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Warfare Defense, and holds a Ph.D. in International Studies. Dr. Gilbert has since1985 conducted independent research into spiritual science to unde

115 min
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Danica Patrick & Robin Arzón 16 Nov 2023 • EN

Robin Arzón

Robin Arzón is Vice President of Fitness Programming and Head Instructor at Peloton. She believes that sweat transforms lives, and her story is living proof. Formerly a corporate lawyer, Arzón left behind a successful law career to embark on new adventures in the health and wellness space and has since reinvented herse

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09 Nov 2023 • EN

Christina Lopes

Christina spent a decade working as a clinician (neuropediatric physical therapy) before becoming a spiritual teacher, healer, and entrepreneur in 2014. Today, she seamlessly bridges science and spirituality to help others heal from significant trauma, open their hearts, and live fulfilling lives. She’s worked with ove

93 min
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02 Nov 2023 • EN

Dr. Craig Koniver

Craig Koniver, MD, is a health and human performance expert in nutrient and science-driven protocols for performance and longevity. He has overseen more NAD+ and peptide therapies than any other physician in the world, and counts Fortune 100 CEOs, professional athletes, A-list Hollywood actors, and Special Forces servi

71 min
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