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This week I sat down with one of my greatest mentors - Peter Crone - also known as ‘The Mind Architect’. We walked through what is really happening beneath the problems we face in life. Have you ever lost a loved one? Had a tough breakup? Experienced some sort of trauma? We carry these problems with us throughout our l

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In this episode of the Align podcast, Peter Crone talks to us about addiction, and the ways we can use trauma to empower our life choices. We also look to reprogram the ways we view our addictions, and dig deeper into the narratives of inadequacy and self-judgement that we all tell ourselves. We dive into the true natu

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Danny Miranda & Peter Crone 12 Jul 2023 • EN

#378: Peter Crone – Unlock The Power Of Your Mind

Peter Crone is the Mind Architect. Crone is a writer, speaker and thought leader in human potential who works with world-class entertainers, professional athletes, and global organizations. In this conversation, we spoke about his parents passing away when he was young, what it was like to caddy for a pro golfer, and d

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Kaylor Betts & Peter Crone 19 Jun 2023 • EN

Ego, True Freedom & External Boogey-Men w/ Peter Crone | EP228

Episode Highlights: the ego, the subconscious mind, inner peace, navigating triggers, true freedom Summary: We are really excited to bring you this episode of the Awake & Winning Podcast with Peter Crone! Peter is a seasoned veteran in the personal development world and helps people step outside of the world as they kn

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CAUTION: This podcast episode contains swearing. “Life will present you with people and circumstances to reveal where you’re not free” Peter Crone. Feel Better Live More Bitesize is my weekly podcast for your mind, body, and heart. Each week I’ll be featuring inspirational stories and practical tips from some of my for

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Kyle Kingsbury & Peter Crone 08 Mar 2023 • EN

#293 Co-creating Your World Using Your Words w/ Peter Crone

Cheeky accent aside, Peter Crone is an Elder. He opened me up like I could not have expected. We basically went through a short session, digging into my old story of the world growing up. Peter walked me through redefining my world and becoming an even more conscious and intentional co-creator of my world and thus the

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