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Philip Goff 04 Dec 2023 • EN

Philip Goff - Why? The Purpose of the Universe

Why are we here? What's the point of existence? On the 'big questions' of meaning and purpose, Western thought has been dominated by the dichotomy of traditional religion and secular atheism. In this pioneering work, Philip Goff argues that it is time to move on from both God and atheism. Through an exploration of cont

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Honesty is an important virtue. Parents want to develop it in their children. Close relationships depend upon it. Employers value it in their employees. Surprisingly, however, philosophers have said very little about the virtue of honesty over the past fifty years. In Honesty: The Philosophy and Psychology of a Neglect

57 min
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Charlie Kirk & Yoram Hazony 05 Dec 2023 • EN

The Impossibility of Peace with Hamas with Yoram Hazony

Conservative theorist Yoram Hazony was a firsthand witness to Hamas's missile assault, and has two sons serving in the IDF. So, what does he make of Israel's massive intelligence failure before Oct. 7? And what is the long-term path forward on Gaza and Hamas that is good for both Israel and the United States? Support t

37 min
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On today's episode of Digital Social Hour, Darren Prince talks about what it was like working with celebrities such as Magic Johnson, Dennis Rodman and Hulk Hogan and also talks about overcoming drug addiction. BUSINESS INQUIRIES/SPONSORS: APPLY TO BE ON THE POD:

39 min
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In this episode, New York Times bestselling author Reza Aslan discusses his book, An American Martyr in Persia, unveiling the extraordinary story of Howard Baskerville, a Christian missionary from South Dakota. Baskerville joined Persian students in their fight for democracy during the 1907 revolution, where his death

62 min
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Tyler Cowen & John Gray 29 Nov 2023 • EN

John Gray on Pessimism, Liberalism, and Theism

John Gray is a philosopher and writer renowned for his critical examination of liberalism, atheism, and the human condition. His unique perspective is shaped over a decades-long career, during which he has authored influential books on topics ranging from political theory to what we can learn from cats about on how to

61 min
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