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Jim Rutt

Jim Rutt is past chairman and a former researcher at the Santa Fe Institute. He is the host of the Jim Rutt Show podcast, on which many of his Santa Fe colleagues have appeared. Rutt is credited with coining the term "snail mail" to describe conventional (as opposed to electronic) mail services.

Jim Rutt's Interviews

Jim Rutt & Jonny Miller 14 Mar 2023 • EN

Currents 085: Jonny Miller on Self-Unfoldment

Jim has a wide-ranging conversation with Jonny Miller about self-development and emotional resilience. They discuss being a natural human, self-help as deconditioning, self-unfoldment, ecologies of practices, giving power back to the individual, Jamie Wheal's hedonic engineering, pushing outside the window of tolerance

78 min
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Jim Rutt & Joscha Bach 28 Feb 2023 • EN

Currents 083: Joscha Bach on Synthetic Intelligence

Jim talks with Joscha Bach about current and future developments in the generative AI space. They discuss the skepticism of the press, small productive applications, questions about intellectual property rights, confabulation in human thinking, nanny rails, 3 approaches to AI alignment, Aquinas's 7 virtues, issues of c

76 min
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Jim Rutt & Anil Seth 21 Feb 2023 • EN

EP 178 Anil Seth on A New Science of Consciousness

Jim talks with Anil Seth about his book Being You: A New Science of Consciousness. They discuss the curious non-experience of general anesthesia, defining consciousness, the difference between consciousness & intelligence, experiential vs functional aspects, the hard problem vs the real problem, measuring consciousness

105 min
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Jim Rutt & Hanzi Freinacht 17 Jan 2023 • EN

EP 173 Hanzi Freinacht on Self-Help for Complex Minds

Jim talks with Hanzi Freinacht about his book 12 Commandments: For Extraordinary People to Master Ordinary Life. They discuss the book as a response to Jordan Peterson & his "12 rules" books, metamodernism, fostering sober crazy people, magical thinking in highly developed personalities, integrations of science & spiri

112 min
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Jim talks with Douglas Rushkoff about the ideas in his essay series, "What's a Meta For?" They discuss Facebook's renaming to Meta, the semantic web, ChatGPT, a Turing test recalibration period, Rocco's Basilisk, the conversion of the real world into a meta-world, Elon Musk as techno-monarch, the limitations of his und

85 min
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Jim Rutt & Michael Nielsen 05 Dec 2022 • EN

Currents 075: Michael Nielsen on Metascience

Jim talks with Michael Nielsen about the ideas in his and Kanjun Qiu's recent essay, "A Vision of Metascience: An Engine of Improvement for the Social Processes of Science." They discuss the meaning of metascience, a vivid example in Genovese maritime insurance, attracting intellectual dark matter, creation & limitatio

61 min
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