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Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano, founder of The Pomp Letter, joins Erik Torenberg for a captivating, wide ranging discussion about modern media dynamics — recorded live in 2022 with special guests entrepreneur Jesse Genet, host of In the Arena Pod and Ryan Hudson, co-founder of Honey. They discuss building social and financia

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Ryan Sean Adams + David Hoffman & Haseeb Qureshi + Erik Torenberg 24 Apr 2024 • EN

Tech Acceleration vs Deceleration: e/acc vs. d/acc debate | Erik Torenberg & Haseeb Qureshi

Erik Torenburg and Haseeb Quereshi join us for today's debate. Should we accelerate or decelerate our tech progress? How about when it comes to something as powerful as AI? This is not just a debate in tech circles - this is a political debate that poised to define the next decade.  We’ve had leaders from both sides of

102 min
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Erik Torenberg & Anthony Pompliano 27 Feb 2024 • EN

Betting on the Business of Sports Media | Joe Pompliano, Huddle Up

In this episode, Erik sits down with Joe Pompliano, an investor, entrepreneur, and one of the fastest-growing personalities in sports, to talk all about sports media and business. From opportunities for entrepreneurs in the sports industry, to athlete entrepreneurship, to the importance of mastering a niche content cre

48 min
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Erik Torenberg & Brian Morrissey 20 Feb 2024 • EN

Navigating the Future of Media Industries | Brian Morrissey, The Rebooting

This week on Media Empires, Brian Morrissey, The Rebooting author and podcaster, who was formerly editor-in-chief of Digiday and editor at Adweek, shares insights about the evolving media landscape, shifts in the marketplace, the rise of platforms that enable more independence for creators, the future of ‘micro-media,’

49 min
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Erik Torenberg & Nathan Baschez 06 Feb 2024 • EN

The Power of Platforms and AI | Nathan Baschez, Every Inc, Lex

This week we’re sharing a conversation with Erik Torenberg and Nathan Baschez , the co-founder of Every Inc. and creator of Lex, an AI-powered writing tool that’s aimed to revolutionize the writing process for writers. The discussion ranges from the nuances and challenges of podcasting, to the impact of AI on content c

40 min
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Today we're dropping the debut episode of Request for Startups which features Justin Mares: Founder of Truemed,Kettle & Fire, Surely, and a partner at True Journey Ventures Sean Linehan: CEO of, previously VP Product at Flexport Host: Erik Torenberg The conversation maps startup ideas and concepts, including d

44 min
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