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Nick and Chris come together for an intimate conversation that goes beyond their normal public or online discussions. This is Nick's 9th appearance on The Fort. They discuss: Nick's upbringing & his relationship with his father A deep dive into the impact money has on people Chris reads an email his father sent him 3 d

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Please learn more about Alex Krainer's work here:   We The People must stand strong, stay united, resolute, calm and focus on the mission - God Wins!   We The People must stand strong, stay united, resolut

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Victor J. Menasce & Ben Fraser 16 Sep 2023 • EN

Industrial Investing with Ben Fraser

Ben Fraser is based in Kansas City and is involved in multiple asset classes. On today's show we're talking about industrial and understanding some of the nuances of that segment. To connect with Ben and to learn more, visit ----------------- Host: Victor Menasce email:

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In this episode, my guest is Marc Andreessen, the legendary software innovator who co-created the internet browser Mosaic, co-founded Netscape, and is now at Andreessen Horowitz — a venture capital firm that finds and brings to life technologies that transform humanity. We discuss what it takes to be a true innovator,

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James Altucher & David Rubenstein 30 Aug 2023 •

Deciphering the Global Economic Puzzle | David Rubenstein

What's really going on in the world economy? James Altucher turns to David Rubenstein—manager of the Carlyle Group, one of the world's most significant private equity funds—for answers. With half a trillion dollars in investments and a deep involvement in the global economy since the '70s, David offers unparalleled ins

39 min
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Mikkel Thorup & Rick Rule 13 Sep 2023 • EN

Preparing Your Investments For the Coming Recession - Rick Rule

Today’s guest is Rick Rule, a legendary investor known for his expertise in natural resources, including agriculture, alternative energy, forestry, oil and gas, mining, and water. He is the founder of Sprott US Holdings, which he later merged into Sprott Incorporated in 2011.   He joins me today to discuss his investme

63 min
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