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Sonal Chokshi & Eddy Lazzarin + Arianna Simpson 29 Mar 2023 • EN

Web3 Gaming & On-chain Games

with @ariannasimpson @eddylazzarin @smc90 This episode provides an overview of web3 gaming, as enabled by crypto & blockchains -- including what ownership and decentralization really means for gamers and others; degrees of on-chain games; and a pulse-check on what’s working so far, what's more or less ready, and where

67 min
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Thomas Carrigan & David Collum + James Koutoulas 27 Mar 2023 • EN

Banking Collapses | James Koutoulas & Dave Collum (TPC #1,153)

Dave Twitter: Article about James: His instagram: His twitter:

40 min
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James Altucher & Tim Urban 28 Mar 2023 • EN

The Cure for America's Societal Problems | Tim Urban

In this episode of the James Altucher Show, James sits down with Tim Urban, author of the popular blog "Wait But Why" to discuss his latest book What's Our Problem? A Self-Help Book for Societies. Tim Urban is known for his ability to explain complex topics in a relatable way, and this interview is no exception. James

54 min
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Aarthi Ramamurthy + Sriram Krishnan & Lenny Rachitsky 25 Mar 2023 • EN

EP 39 - How Lenny Rachitsky's $500k/Year Newsletter Became a Must-Read for Entrepreneurs

Based in San Francisco, Lenny Rachitsky is a Product specialist with a strong focus on growth. He spent seven years at Airbnb, where he started as a Product Manager in 2012 and later became a Product lead for supply growth. Lenny now works as a writer, investor, and consultant for product growth. He creates content on

52 min
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Jim Leitner serves as President of Falcon Management Corporation and CIO of Falcon Family L.P., a family office. Previously, he worked as a foreign exchange trader at Morgan Guaranty, as Chief Dealer at Bank of America International, as Vice President for proprietary trading at Shearson Lehman and as Managing Director

69 min
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Tom Luongo & Pascal Najadi 26 Mar 2023 • EN

Episode #137 - Pascal Najadi and the Case Against Pfizer

Pascal Najadi returns with a short update on his case against Pfizer, the Swiss President and his crusade for justice in a post COVID-19 world. Show Notes: Pascal on his Pfizer Suit from Rumble

11 min
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